Chrome Upgrades Bring New Safety Checks and Faster Browsing

Google is ushering in the new year with some helpful Chrome upgrades for more secure and speedy browsing. Updates rolling out over the next few weeks aim to keep your data safe while streamlining tab organization.

Let’s explore the key improvements making their way to your browser.

Proactive Safety Warnings

Chrome’s new Safety Check runs automatic scans to warn you of potential issues like compromised passwords, outdated software versions, or suspicious permission requests. Monitor the menu dropdown for alerts.

Smarter Memory Management

The Memory Saver feature now displays the exact RAM usage for each open tab. This allows intelligently unloading heavy tabs to reclaim system resources and speed up overall Chrome performance when needed.

Tab Group Continuity

Soon you’ll be able to save tab groups to retain your browsing session setup across devices. Access research projects seamlessly from desktop to laptop without losing your place.

As Chrome usage continues rising globally, Google keeps finding thoughtful ways to balance convenience, efficiency, and privacy. Make sure automatic updates are enabled to benefit from the latest protections and productivity helpers ASAP.

Give the fresh Safety Check tool and Memory Saver improvements a try next time you browse to see the minor yet meaningful impact. Streamlining your workflow while guarding data is a win-win as we kick off 2023!

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