Realme Stuns with 120X SuperZoom Lens on Upcoming Realme 12 Pro 5G Series

screenshot of 120X SuperZoom Lens on Upcoming Realme

Realme has officially confirmed one of the most exciting features of its upcoming Realme 12 Pro 5G smartphone series – a jaw-dropping 120X SuperZoom camera lens. This incredible zoom capability will allow users to capture ultra-clear, highly detailed shots from huge distances, providing an unparalleled viewing experience that brings distant objects incredibly close. Realme’s SuperZoom … Read more

WhatsApp Rolls Out Lifesaving Update for Status Frustration

Stop Status Crashing for whatsapp thumbnail

WhatsApp has rolled out an update to address an annoying bug that caused the app to crash when trying to delete or forward status updates. Quickest Summary Several beta testers reported sudden shutdowns and interruptions when attempting to manage their statuses. While deleting updates was still possible through a workaround, it caused unnecessary hassle. The … Read more

realme Unveils “Make it real” Motto for 2024 Focusing on Youth

this is the end of realme slogan

After achieving significant milestones like shipping 200 million smartphones globally and reaching 70 million users in India in 2023, realme has unveiled “Make it real” as its motto for 2024. Quick Summary: The company is transitioning from an “opportunity-oriented” approach to become more “brand-oriented” in providing tech products tailored for youth. Realme aims to elevate … Read more

Realme’s next flagship will feature periscope camera, likely to be Realme 12 Pro+

screenshot of realme phone with overlay textlikely to be Realme 12 Pro+

Realme has generated substantial buzz after tantalizing smartphone enthusiasts with a provocative teaser image highlighting an advanced periscope camera. This strongly suggests the company’s next major smartphone launch in India will incorporate this innovative technology, a first for the crucial mid-range segment. The teaser shared by Realme simply states “No Periscope. No Flagship.” This hints … Read more