How to Modify Your Device Name in Androud UI

Give your realme phone a personal touch! Learn how to change device name easily in realme UI 4.0. Customize and connect with style
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Hey there, realme rockstars!

Hope you’re all doing great and having a blast in our realme community.

So, picture this: we all have our own unique vibes, right? But guess what? Now your realme phone can flaunt a name that matches your vibe too! Yep, you heard it right. Thanks to the magic of realme UI, you can change your phone’s name, Cnot just any name – YOUR name. And get this, it’ll show up in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct too. Cool, right?

Hold onto your seats, because I’m back with another dose of Tips & Tricks. Today, I’m spilling the beans on how to give your device a swanky new name in realme UI 4.0. Let’s dive in!

How to Rename Realme Phones

Step 1: Head to the “Settings.”

Step 2: Scroll down a bit.

Step 3: Give a friendly tap on “About device.”

Now, pay attention, here’s the magic button: “Device name.” You’re about to give your phone a new identity – how exciting is that? Just type in the name you want (I went with my own, of course), and hit that “save” button.

Boom! Check out the picture below to see how my phone’s now flaunting its fancy new name:

Benefits of renaming your device

  • Make your phone more personal by giving it a name that reflects your style or interests.
  • Easily identify your phone when it’s connected to other devices, such as Bluetooth speakers or headphones.
  • Avoid confusion if you have multiple devices with the same name.
  • Have some fun and express yourself with a unique device name!
  • It can be difficult to remember the new name, especially if it is long or complex.
  • If you ever need to contact customer support, they may have difficulty finding your device if it has a non-standard name.
  • Some apps may not be compatible with devices that have been renamed.
  • Renaming your phone can void your warranty.

Cons of Renaming Your Realme device

Overall, the benefits of renaming your Realme phone outweigh the cons. If you want to make your phone more personal or avoid confusion, then renaming it is a great option. However, it is important to be aware of the potential drawbacks before deciding.

And there you have it – your phone’s got a new vibe! Share your thoughts in the comments, let’s chat about this. Got any questions? Drop ’em below, I’ve got your back.

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Catch you later, folks! 😴

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