realme Unveils “Make it real” Motto for 2024 Focusing on Youth

After achieving significant milestones like shipping 200 million smartphones globally and reaching 70 million users in India in 2023, realme has unveiled “Make it real” as its motto for 2024.

Quick Summary:

  1. realme announces “Make it real” as new slogan after shipping 200M phones globally in 2023
  2. Brand transitions from “opportunity-oriented” to “brand-oriented” strategy
  3. Goal is becoming a tech leader that understands needs of young users
  4. Focus on product, technology and brand strength to exceed expectations
  5. Refined logo and collaborations planned to deliver latest tech advances

The company is transitioning from an “opportunity-oriented” approach to become more “brand-oriented” in providing tech products tailored for youth. Realme aims to elevate the entire experience to consistently exceed expectations of young users.

Centered on strengths in product, technology and brand, realme plans to collaborate with over 30 tech firms and increase R&D investment by 470%. This demonstrates its commitment to incorporate user insights for evolving both brand and product.

The refreshed logo reflects realme’s ambition to be a tech brand that deeply resonates with dynamic and aspirational young consumers. By evolving alongside youth and fulfilling their emotional values, realme wants to make their dreams reality.

I think realme has outlined a solid high-level plan to focus more on understanding and serving the needs of its core young demographic. However, executing well across regions with distinct consumer values remains key. I’m intrigued to see specific product and branding initiatives they undertake aligned to this youth-centric approach.

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