The Best app like Google Dialer! Will make you love this

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We’ve had requests, and we’ve got an answer for you! In today’s episode, we will introduce you to an amazing alternative to Google Dialer – none other than ODialer! This option is here to take your user experience to the next level and fix pesky bugs in ODialer!

But wait, before we proceed, here’s the scoop: This app is exclusively available for devices running on realme UI 3.0 and 4.0. So, ensure you’re in the club before joining the ODialer party!

Download the ODialer App

To get started, click the provided link and download the ODialer app from the Play Store. Go ahead, give it a whirl! It is as per thetech katha youtube channel on youtube.


Once the app is installed, open it up and tap that glorious “OK” button. Now, it’s time to make ODialer your phone’s default dialer. Trust me, and it’s going to be a game-changer!

Step 2.

But hold your horses! Before ODialer works its magic, it needs a few permissions to unleash its full potential. Grant it access to nearby devices, your camera, and jazz.

Step 3.

Now, let’s do a quick sound check. Confirm that you can hear that delightful ringtone. If yes, congratulations! You’re all set to rock the phone world with ODialer. But if you can’t hear it, worry not! I’m here to help you resolve the issue in a jiffy. No more missing calls from your besties!

Step 4.

Okay, buckle up for the final step. We’ve prepared a special zip file for you. Download it, open your File Manager, and head to the Archives section. Tap on that zip file like it’s the last piece of your favourite dessert. Inside, you’ll find an APK file. Install it like a pro, and voila! You’re good to go, my friend.

Step 5.

Oh, one last thing: You might encounter two caller UIs, but hey, ignore the impostor. Stick with ODialer, and it will treat you right!

To switch to ODialer, follow these steps

  1. Download the ODialer app from the Play Store.
  2. Open the app and set it as your default dialer.
  3. Grant the necessary permissions.
  4. Enjoy the enhanced features and calling experience of ODialer on your phone.

ODialer: The Enhanced Phone App


  1. Enhanced user experience.
  2. Bug fixes for a smoother calling experience.
  3. Customisation options to personalise your phone.
  4. Optimised for realme devices.


  1. Limited availability to realme UI 3.0 and 4.0.
  2. Possible compatibility issues.
  3. Dependency on updates for ongoing support.
  4. It may require some time to adjust to the new interface.

It’s time to wrap up this ODialer extravaganza. Explore all the features ODialer brings to your realme device. Remember to have a good time in the community too.

I’ll be back with more exciting threads before you know it! Stay tuned!

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