Google Play Store makes it easier to find the apps you need

Google’s Play Store has expanded from being a mobile phone operating system to encompass various form factors, including tablets, TVs, watches, laptops, computers, and foldables. However, shopping for apps on one device may provide a partial picture of their performance on others. To address this, Google is experimenting with innovative filtering chips on app listings that allow users to view app behaviour specific to their chosen device.

Recently spotted by @AssembleDebug on Twitter, the Play Store is testing a new row of chips at the top of the installation options on app listings. These chips allow users to select different factors, such as phones, TVs, watches, tablets, and Chromebooks.

The listing adapts according to the chosen form factor, showing an average star rating aggregated from reviews specific to that device type and relevant screenshots tailored to the selected form factor.

This is a significant development that will make it easier for users to find apps that are compatible with their devices. It will also help developers improve their apps by giving them more feedback from users of different devices.

The main purpose of these filtering chips is to improve the usefulness of the “Install on other devices” feature. This feature, accessed by tapping the down arrow next to the install button on a Play Store listing, allows users to install an app simultaneously on multiple devices. Users can easily make informed decisions by quickly evaluating how an app performs on their tablet or Chromebook. The filtering chips are similar to the new “Other devices” tab on the Play Store home screen, enabling seamless filtering options.

Currently, the filtering chips in-app listings are not widely available, and they appear to be activated through hidden development flags. As observed by @AssembleDebug, the functional buttons and working filters suggest an imminent widespread launch. However, as with unannounced features, they are not guaranteed to be officially launched.

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In conclusion, Google’s Play Store is experimenting with filtering chips for different device types to provide a more tailored app exploration experience.

This feature has the potential to empower users to make informed decisions about app installations across various devices, thus promising enhanced convenience and satisfaction for all Android users.

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