WhatsApp’s beta update Introduces Video avatar AI

WhatsApp is renowned for its dedication to improving the way we communicate, and its most recent beta update is no exception. Make way for the all-new “Video Avatar Calling Feature,” which is poised to revolutionise your video calls! While it is still under development, lucky beta testers are already getting a taste of this game-changing feature.

  • New Video Avatar Calling Feature: WhatsApp’s latest beta update introduces an innovative Video Avatar Calling Feature.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Users can confidently join video calls with fun avatars, making interactions more expressive.
  • No More Awkwardness: This feature eliminates awkward moments when users aren’t ready for video calls.
  • Realistic Expressions: Avatars mimic users’ facial expressions in real-time.
  • Privacy Assured: WhatsApp ensures user privacy with end-to-end encryption.

A Deep Dive into the Latest Update

WhatsApp, a proud member of the Meta family, is rolling out its latest beta update under the version number This update comes with an exciting feature that allows you to use avatars during your video calls. Currently, this feature is in its beta testing phase, and you can be among the first to try it by joining the Google Play Beta Program.

What’s Fresh in WhatsApp Beta v2.23.19.14

With this latest update, WhatsApp is introducing the Video Avatar Calling Feature. This fantastic feature lets you replace your live video with fun and engaging video avatars during your calls.

Now, thanks to this innovative addition, you can confidently join video calls from anywhere, at any time, without any hesitation. It adds a playful and personal touch to your conversations, making your interactions more expressive than ever. The best part? You can easily switch back to the regular video mode whenever you want.

In simple terms, this feature empowers you to handle those moments when you’re not quite ready for a video call. The Video Avatar Feature lets you use an avatar during the call, so you can have video conversations without any awkwardness.

When you choose the video avatar mode during a call, the feature cleverly mimics your facial expressions in real time, making your interactions incredibly lifelike. Rest assured, you’ll receive a privacy notice explaining how your information is used to improve the service, all while ensuring that your calls remain securely encrypted from end to end.

ai whatsapp video call thumbnail image

As mentioned earlier, this update is still in its development phase and is currently available to a select group of fortunate beta testers through the Google Play Beta Program. However, we anticipate that this exciting feature will soon be accessible to all users in future updates.

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