Realme Launches Narzo N53 and N55 Launched

Realme, the renowned technology brand, has recently made waves in the smartphone market by launching two exciting additions to its lineup in Nepal: the Narzo N53 and N55.

These smartphones are tailored to meet the needs of dynamic Gen-Z users in the country, boasting innovative features, sleek designs, and impressive performance. Let’s delve deeper into what makes these devices stand out and their impact on the Indian audience.

realme narzo 53 and narzo 55 launching in nepal

Realme Narzo N53

Unleashing the Slimmest Smartphone Ever Realme proudly presents the Narzo N53, the slimmest smartphone ever released. With an ultra-slim body measuring just 7.49mm, it exudes elegance and sophistication. While details about its features and specifications are yet to be revealed, one can anticipate a device that seamlessly combines style and functionality.

Realme Narzo N55

A Next-Gen Experience Targeting younger generations, Realme introduces the Narzo N55, which promises reliable and long-lasting performance. This smartphone embraces cutting-edge technology to offer an immersive experience to its users. Although the article lacks explicit details regarding its features and specifications, one can expect a device that keeps up with the fast-paced digital lifestyles of today’s youth.

Pricing and Variants of Realme Narzon N53 and N55

Realme has carefully considered affordability, offering various storage options for both models. The Narzo N53 is available in two vaB and 6+128 GB.

The former is priced at Rs 15,999, while the latter is priced at Rs 18,999.

Meanwhile, the Narzo N55 also provides two storage choices: 4+64 GB and 6+128 GB, priced at Rs 20,499 and Rs 24,499, respectively. Realme understands the diverse needs of its audience and strives to cater to different budget ranges.

Realme Narzo N53-N55 Colours That Make a Statement

Realme has taken aesthetics seriously, ensuring that the Narzo N53 and N55 captivate users with visual appeal. The Narzo N53 comes in stunning Feather Gold and Feather Black colour options, while the Narzo N55 offers the choice between the striking Prime Black and Prime Blue variants. These options allow users to personalise their smartphones according to their unique style preferences.


Realme’s launch of the Narzo N53 and N55 smartphones in Nepal signifies the brand’s commitment to providing cutting-edge technology and appealing designs to Gen-Z users. While the article lacks in-depth information about the devices’ features, their slim profile, next-gen performance, and multiple storage options suggest an impressive smartphone experience.


For more comprehensive details on the specifications, features, and availability of the Narzo N53 and N55, interested readers are encouraged to visit Realme’s official website or contact their customer support. As Realme continues to innovate and expand its product range, tech enthusiasts across India eagerly anticipate the arrival of these smartphones on Indian shores.

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