Why Are Realme Smartphones So Cheap? Unveiling Secrets

Realme smartphones have taken the Indian market by storm with budget-friendly devices offering impressive features and specifications. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind Realme’s affordability and its strategies to provide high-quality smartphones at such competitive prices.

This Is Why Realme is So Cheap?

Realme smartphones have taken the Indian market by storm with their pocket-friendly prices and “desi” appeal. It’s like finding a street vendor selling golgappas (pani puri) at a price that makes your wallet do a happy dance! But wait, how does Realme manage to keep their prices so low? It’s not because they’ve discovered a secret stash of discounted mobile phone parts under the Taj Mahal. Realme uses smart strategies like leveraging economies of scale, just like your favorite neighborhood chaiwala who knows how to make a big batch of tea for everyone without burning a hole in their pocket.

And let’s remember their marketing tactics! Instead of hiring Bollywood celebrities to endorse their phones, Realme relies on the power of “jugaad” (resourcefulness) and the social media frenzy created by excited customers. It’s like watching a street performer juggling smartphones while balancing a plate of samosas on their head!

So, the next time you see a Realme smartphone, remember that it’s not just a device; it’s a testament to the art of Indian jugaad and the spirit of getting the best bang for your buck. Realme hai, affordable wale!

Background of Realme

Realme emerged as an independent brand in 2018, backed by OPPO and the larger conglomerate BBK Electronics.

Realme belongs to which country? Realme’s origin country

Thalme strategically positions itself as a brand catering to the needs of young consumers seeking feature-rich smartphones without breaking the bank. This association allows Realme to tap into shared resources, including components and production facilities, thereby reducing costs.

Realme’s Cost-saving Strategies

Realme’s ability to offer affordable smartphones stems from several key strategies. Firstly, by leveraging economies of scale through their affiliation with OPPO and BBK Electronics, Realme can optimise production costs and pass on the benefits to consumers.

Additionally, Realme follows an online sales model, eliminating the expenses of maintaining physical retail stores. This direct-to-consumer approach allows them to reduce distribution costs and offer competitive prices.

Moreover, Realme focuses on affordability by utilising cost-effective materials and components without compromising quality.

Marketing and Advertising Strategies

Realme adopts a prudent approach to marketing and advertising, keeping expenses minimal. Instead of extravagant campaigns, Realme leverages social media platforms and word-of-mouth marketing to generate buzz and engage with its target audience. Realme builds brand value, fosters trust, and drives customer loyalty by actively encouraging user feedback and reviews.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Optimization

Realme streamlines its manufacturing processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs. By optimising its supply chain management, Realme can minimise logistics expenses and ensure the timely delivery of products.

Furthermore, Realme establishes strategic partnerships and outsources certain operations to enhance production capabilities while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

The Impact of Chinese Market Dynamics

The Chinese smartphone market is highly competitive, driving manufacturers like Realme to find innovative ways to offer affordable smartphones. Lower labour and production costs, coupled with intense competition, contribute to the overall affordability of Chinese smartphone brands. Realme capitalises on these market dynamics to provide cost-effective options for Indian consumers.

The Trade-offs: Quality vs. Price

While Realme smartphones are undeniably affordable, assessing the trade-offs regarding quality and performance is crucial. Extensive user feedback and reviews indicate that Realme devices offer a commendable user experience, often comparable to more expensive alternatives.

However, acknowledging that certain compromises may exist, such as materials used and build quality, is essential. Conducting thorough research and considering individual preferences is crucial when making purchasing decisions.


Realme has carved a niche in the Indian smartphone market by offering affordable devices with compelling features and specifications. Through strategies like leveraging economies of scale, online sales models, cost-effective materials, and prudent marketing, Realme can provide high-quality smartphones at competitive prices.

As the brand continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to observe how Realme balances affordability with technological advancements, catering to the ever-growing demands of Indian consumers.

When purchasing a smartphone, evaluating individual needs, preferences, and budgetary constraints is important to make an informed decision that aligns with personal requirements.

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