ColorOS Clock App 13.7.4 Updates for Better Performance and Stability!

Tick-tock, it’s time to upgrade your ColorOS Clock app!

If you own a Realme or Oppo smartphone, you might be familiar with the ColorOS Clock app. This app comes pre-installed on these devices and is the primary tool for checking the date and time on your phone. But did you know that new updates are available for the ColorOS Clock app that can help improve its performance and stability?

The ColorOS Clock app is an alarm clock pre-installed on Realme and Oppo devices. It allows you to access all the watch functions without complications. Not only can you check the time, but you can also set various alarms and timers to organize your day, and you can also use the Stopwatch.

colorOS Clock App icon for relame and oppo devices

The ColorOS Clock app just got better with new updates

If you’re an Oppo or Realme device user, the ColorOS Clock app is your go-to for checking the time and setting alarms. And now, with the latest updates – version 13.7.2 and 13.4.4 – the app has gotten even better!

What’s new in the updates?

  • Version 13.7.2 brings improved stability and performance, making it easier and faster to set alarms and timers.
  • Version 13.4.4 fixes some known issues and enhances overall performance.

How to download the updates?

You can download the latest updates via the App Market or a third-party source link mentioned in the article.

Key features of the ColorOS Clock app

Need to familiarize yourself with the ColorOS Clock app? Some key features make it stand out:

  • Access all watch functions without complications.
  • Set multiple alarms and timers to organize your day.
  • Use the stopwatch for timing your workouts or cooking.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.

Compatibility and size of the updates

The latest updates are compatible with Android devices from Android 9 to Android 13. The installation package sizes of the updates are

  • Version 13.7.2 – 23.99MB
  • Version 13.4.4 – 16.61MB.

Upgrade your app and enjoy a smoother experience.

If you’re still using an older version of the ColorOS Clock app, it’s time to upgrade and enjoy a smoother and more stable experience. With the new updates, setting alarms and checking the time has never been easier!

Comparison of Clock App Realme updates, Oppo, Vivo

13.7.2Improved stability and performance23.99MB
13.4.4Fixes known issues and enhances performance16.61MB
  • Upgrade your ColorOS Clock app for a better experience.
  • Set alarms and timers with ease and check the time in style.
  • Download the updates via the App Market or a third-party source link.
  • Enjoy improved stability and performance with the latest updates.
  • Compatible with Android devices running from Android 9 to Android 13.


So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your ColorOS Clock app today and enjoy a smoother and more stable experience! And remember to follow us on Google News, Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter for more exciting updates like this!

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