How to Remove Theme from Realme Device

Realme devices come with a cool feature that lets you customize how your device looks. You can change the wallpaper, icons, and fonts to make your device look unique and personalized. This feature is called the theme store, and it’s like a giant virtual store where you can download different themes and apply them to your device.

Removing themes from Realme: at this moment probably, you have cited a custom theme in your phone, and you want to switch it back to the original one. 

But you can’t find how to remove themes in Realme or how to uninstall themes. 

In this article, I will teach you how to set the default theme on a Realme device. In other words, you can say a removing theme on Realme or uninstalling a theme, etc.

However, it’s an easy procedure that I will show in this article. This article is part of our: How To Realme page.

How to Remove Theme in Realme

Below is a complete procedure to switch to the default Realme theme. You can follow this method on any Realme device. Whether new or old doesn’t matter. 

  • Open Theme App

    First of all, get into the themes app. 

  • Select My Resources in the Me Tab

    In this app, tap the “me” section at the bottom. 

    Here you have to tap on my resources to change themes on Realme. 

  • Tap on Default Theme Apply

    In this when you will find the default theme with the applied button. So you have to tap on the apply button of the default theme to install the default theme of Realme. 


This is how you can change themes on Realme devices. Changing or switching back to the default theme is fun. 

The theme store also allows you to customize other aspects of your device, like the lock screen, notification shade, and app icons. You can even create custom themes by mixing and matching different elements.

Overall, the theme store is a fun and easy way to personalize your Realme device and make it your own. Whether you’re into bright colors, minimalist designs, or something in between, there’s a theme for everyone.

Switch Theme On Realme Devices – To Default Realme Theme

So for those who are just pros in using Smartphones, below are the three simple steps to uninstall the theme or to remove the theme on Realme. 

  • Open the theme app. 
  • Click on the “me” section at the bottom. Then click on my resources.
  • Here tap on the apply button of the default theme to switch back to the Realme theme. 

Moreover, I am linking a video tutorial from YouTube that you can watch and learn to remove themes on any Realme device. These steps are almost similar for any Realme device because the UI is similar. 

I hope you found this article or how it is functional. Let me know in the comments if you do.

I hope you learn from this article how to remove themes from Realme or how to uninstall themes. This method can also be helpful when you have multiple themes installed on the phone, and you have to switch from them. 

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