Check Out the Enhanced Camera of realme 11 Pro and Pro +

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Hello, realme fans!

We are pleased to share the latest enhancements and fixes from the recent OTAs for realme 11 Pro+. Please take note of the following improvements:

  1. Enhancements have been made to the HDR effect of the rear camera, addressing the issue of underexposure.
  2. The brightness and clarity of the rear camera have been improved when zooming.
  3. Night mode no longer overexposes highlights in the rear camera.
  4. The rear camera’s color accuracy has been optimized when capturing greenery and sky.
  5. The rear camera’s auto exposure accuracy in high-definition mode has been improved.
  6. Both the color and exposure accuracy of the front camera have been enhanced.
  7. The compatibility issues between the camera moon mode and beauty features have been resolved.

We hope you enjoy the enhanced camera experience on your realme 11 Pro+.

Let’s compare the quality!

  1. Optimised rear camera HDR effect, Solving the problem of underexposure

2. Improved brightness and clarity of the rear camera after zooming

 2x zooming brightness

2x zooming clarity 

3. Optimized the rear camera for overexposure of highlights in night mode

4. Optimised the colour inaccuracy of the rear camera when shooting greenery and sky 

5. Improved accuracy of the rear camera’s automatic exposure in high definition mode

Here’s a summary of everything improved or fixed through the latest OTAs for realme 11 Pro.

1.Optimized the inaccurate color of the rear camera when shooting green plants

2.Optimised overexposure of the rear camera in high-definition mode

3.Optimised overexposure of the rear camera in outdoor shooting

4.Optimized the front and rear cameras for reddish skin tones and front beauty issues

5. Optimized video focusing experience issues

Let’s compare Realme 11 Pro Camera quality Rear (Camera)!

1.Optimized the inaccurate colour of the rear camera when shooting green plants

2.Optimised overexposure of the rear camera in high definition mode

3.Optimised overexposure of the rear camera in outdoor shooting

To give us a clearly understanding of the issues you are using with realme 11 Pro or realme 11 Pro +.

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