9 Camera Tricks to Click Picture Like a PRO

Are you ready to take your smartphone photography skills to the next level and add a touch of desi flair to your shots? We’ve covered you with nine unique and humorous tips that will make your photos stand out.

So grab your phone, put on your creative hat, and dive in!

1. Clean Your Lens and See the World: Like

cleaning camera lens

cleaning your glasses, and wiping your smartphone lens is essential for capturing clear and vibrant images. Use your t-shirt, saree pallu, or trusted dupatta to wipe your lens before each shot quickly. Remember, a clean lens is a window to stunning photography!

2. Focus and Exposure: The Bollywood Drama Effect

Want to create dramatic photos? Embrace the Bollywood drama by adjusting your smartphone camera’s focus and exposure settings. Play with shadows, highlights, and contrasts to add a touch of intrigue and capture attention-grabbing shots that even Shah Rukh Khan would be proud of!

3. Light Up Your Shots with Some Bollywood Glam

Good lighting can transform an ordinary photo into a dazzling masterpiece. Like our favourite Bollywood stars, find the perfect lighting for your shots. Use natural sunlight, fairy lights, or even disco balls to create a mesmerising ambience and make your subjects shine like film stars!

4. Steady Your Shot, Desi-Style

Shaky hands can ruin the perfect shot. Embrace your inner desi and steady your phone like a seasoned tabla player. Hold it firmly, take a deep breath, and capture your moments with finesse. Remember, a steady hand leads to picture-perfect memories!

5. Ditch the Digital Zoom and Go Desi Zoom

Digital Zoom often produces grainy and pixelated images. Instead, put your desi skills to use and opt for a good old-fashioned “foot zoom.” Walk closer to your subject, immerse yourself in the moment, and precisely capture every detail. After all, walking a few steps is a small price for a perfect shot!

6. Choose the Right Camera Lens, Desi Style

Choose the perfect lens for each shot, like selecting the right spices for a delicious curry. Experiment with different lenses, such as wide-angle or macro, to capture breathtaking landscapes or intricate details. Let your inner foodie guide you in selecting the ingredients for your visual feast!

7. RAW Mode

The Secret Recipe for Stunning Photos: If you want to unleash your full photography potential, shoot in RAW mode. Like our masala chai, RAW captures the essence and richness of your photos. It allows you to edit and enhance every aspect of the image, giving your shots that extra kick and flavour!

8. Spice up Your Camera with Third-Party Apps

While your default camera app does the job, why not spice things up with a desi twist? Explore third-party camera apps that offer unique features and filters inspired by our colourful Indian culture. Unleash your creativity and give your photos a touch of desi swag!

9. Embrace Candid Moments and Capture Desi Quirks

Life is full of spontaneous and funny moments, so don’t be afraid to embrace them. Keep your camera ready to capture those candid shots that make us all go “oh-so-desi!” From chai spillage to quirky street signs, let your desi humour shine through your photography and create memories that will make you smile for years.


With these nine desi-inspired tips, your smartphone photography game will reach new heights. Remember, photography is an art that reflects your unique perspective and personality. So, grab your phone, add a sprinkle of desi humour, and let your creativity flow. Happy clicking!

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