WhatsApp Beta gifts users with Full-Resolution media sharing

WhatsApp is taking a significant step forward by allowing its beta testers to share uncompressed media easily. This groundbreaking move eliminates the frustrating compression that has been a long-standing user issue.

Previously, if you wanted to share images and videos without the bothersome compression, you had to attach them as documents. This workaround relied on the Android system file picker UI, which could be a hassle. But now, WhatsApp has introduced a new option in the document-sharing menu that seamlessly redirects you to the WhatsApp media picker.

  • WhatsApp’s Breakthrough: WhatsApp now allows its beta testers to share media without the frustrating compression issues that have plagued users for a long time.
  • Previous Workaround: Users used to have to attach media as documents to avoid compression, which was cumbersome and required navigating the Android system file picker.
  • Seamless Solution: WhatsApp’s latest beta version introduces a convenient option in the document sharing menu, redirecting users to the WhatsApp media picker for effortless sharing of uncompressed media.
  • No Quality Loss: This beta implementation ensures that images and videos can be shared without losing sharpness, detail, and colour, making it ideal for sharing HDR videos.
  • Beta Testing Phase: While the feature is currently in beta testing, it’s expected to roll out widely soon, revolutionising how users share WhatsApp media.

This beta feature builds upon the familiar workaround, allowing users to share media with zero loss in sharpness, detail, and colour. It’s especially great for sharing HDR videos, which often suffer from excessive compression.

WhatsApp, a top-notch Android chat app, is a handy tool for sending files to your contacts, especially if you’d rather skip the cloud storage and access requests. While sending media has been straightforward, WhatsApp’s compression hiccup has been a letdown. Although support for sharing HD images and videos recently rolled out, compression remained an issue. Thankfully, WhatsApp is now providing beta testers with a convenient way to share uncompressed media.

In the past, sharing uncompressed images and videos meant attaching them as documents, which, as mentioned, involved the Android system file picker. This could be tricky if you weren’t exactly sure where your media was stored in your phone’s internal storage.

Last month, we caught a glimpse of Meta developing a new option in the document sharing menu that leads to the WhatsApp media picker. According to WABetaInfo, this option is now available to beta testers on the Google Play Store. If you have access to it, you can easily send full-resolution, uncompressed media by tapping the paperclip icon in the message box, selecting “Document,” and then choosing from your gallery.

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While it would have been nice to see WhatsApp add a new “Original” or “Uncompressed” quality option in the HD image-sharing menu, the current beta implementation is still clever. It builds upon the workaround users have been using for years. With a generous 2GB file size limit, beta testers can now share images and videos without fretting about quality loss, as the images retain their HEIC metadata.

This feature is a game-changer for sharing HDR videos, which frequently suffer from compression issues.

While this feature is currently in the beta testing phase, chances are good that it will be widely available soon. So, watch for it, and get ready to share your media in all its high-quality glory! 😄

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