Here are 16 New One UI 6.0’s exciting Key features

Samsung has kicked off its Android 14-based One UI 6.0 beta version update, delighting Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra owners in eligible countries. Additionally, Galaxy A34 and A54 users are on the One UI 6.0 Beta action. In this article, we’ll explore the key features of the Android 14-powered One UI 6.0 beta update.

All Latest Features of OneUI 6.0

  1. UI Redesign: The revamped user interface offers a visually refreshing experience, making my device more enjoyable to use. It adds a touch of modernity to my daily interactions with the phone.
  2. Quick Settings: With a dedicated “Battery” section and “Device Care,” I can now easily monitor and optimize my phone’s performance, ensuring it runs smoothly throughout the day.
  3. Enhanced Filters: The improved filters for photos and videos allow me to unleash my creativity when capturing memories. I can now add more style and personality to my media.
  4. Watermarks: The ability to add watermarks to photos and videos gives me a sense of ownership and personalization. It’s a handy feature for branding my content.
  5. Improved Video Player: The upgraded video player with easier controls and playback speed adjustments enhances my media consumption experience. I can watch videos at my preferred pace.
  6. Lock Screen Customization: The variety of clock styles and font options lets me tailor my lock screen to reflect my unique style. It’s a small change, but it makes a big difference in personalization.
  7. Bixby Text Calls: Being able to switch between voice and text calls during a conversation is a game-changer. It adds flexibility to my communication, especially when I need a quick text response.
  8. Expressive Emojis: Cute and attractive emojis make my conversations more engaging and fun. They help me express myself in creative ways, adding a touch of playfulness to my messages.
  9. Weather App Upgrades: The enhanced weather app provides me with comprehensive weather information, including moon phases, sunrise, sunset, and upcoming weather events. It keeps me well-informed and prepared.
  10. Dark Mode & Quick Panel: Relocating dark mode and eye comfort settings to the bottom is convenient and improves my device’s usability, especially in low-light conditions. The Quick Panel changes make it more intuitive and user-friendly.
  11. Font Selection: New default fonts freshen up the overall look and feel of my device, making it visually appealing and unique.
  12. Battery Improvements: The enhanced battery settings and smarter airplane mode offer better control over my device’s power consumption. It ensures that my apps and data remain secure while optimizing battery life.
  13. Calendar App Enhancements: The calendar app’s improvements streamline my scheduling and event management. I can quickly access important information without navigating multiple screens.
  14. Persistent Playback: The ability to play audio and video in internet apps even after they’re minimized enhances multitasking. I can stay entertained without interruptions.
  15. Tab List Personalization: Personalizing the tab list into two columns simplifies navigation and makes it easier to find what I need, enhancing overall productivity.
  16. Quick Access: The magnified view for frequently used options offers quick and convenient access to essential settings, saving me time and effort.

Overall, these features in One UI 6.0 enrich my smartphone experience, making it more personalized, efficient, and enjoyable. They empower me to express myself, stay organized, and optimize my device’s performance, ultimately improving my daily life.

Experience Enhanced

This update brings numerous improvements aimed at enhancing the user experience. It refines the UI, introducing changes to quick settings, including a dedicated “Battery” section and “Device Care” subdivision. Users can now apply more captivating filters to their photos and videos and add watermarks wherever they please.

One UI 6.0 Video Player

The One UI 6.0 beta firmware introduces an improved video player layout with easily accessible controls. It also boasts advanced speed controls, allowing users to choose from various playback speeds, ranging from 0.25x to 2.0x.

Lock Screen Customization

One UI 6.0 offers more advanced lock screen customization options, including a variety of clock styles and the ability to change the clock’s font. When adjusting the clock style’s placement, notification icons align accordingly.

Bixby Text Calls

With One UI 6.0, users can switch between voice and text calls during a conversation, a feature notably absent in the previous version. The update also expands language support.

Expressive Emojis & Weather

Enjoy a plethora of cute and expressive emojis for more fun communication. The weather app gets an upgrade, offering detailed information such as moon phases, sunrise, sunset, and upcoming weather events.

Dark Mode & Quick Panel

Dark mode and eye comfort settings now appear at the bottom. The Quick Panel undergoes significant changes, featuring two large cards for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Swiping down reveals the quick panel, and another swipe hides it. A left swipe opens the notification bar. The brightness and control bar now appear in the small quick panel when swiped down from the top.

Font & Battery Improvements

One UI 6.0 introduces new default fonts and improved battery settings. Smarter airplane mode enhances app and data security.

Calendar App Enhancements

The Calendar app now presents saved events in chronological order without opening the reminder app. Internet apps continue playing audio and video even after being minimized. Tab lists are now personalized into two columns. Users can swiftly access frequently used options via a magnified view.

samsung oneui 6.0 overlay text with all screenshots from gurusamsung

Quick Access

Effortlessly access Quick panel settings by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen.

This article is written by Maruti Kashyap and fact-checked by Vinayak Kashyap, Admin.

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