Don’t Replace Your Phone Yearly – These Brands Update for Years

As devices get more advanced, smartphone software updates are more important than ever for adding new features, security patches, and overall longevity. Some phone makers are rising to the occasion with outstanding long-term OS update pledges, while others still lag.

Pixel in the Lead

Google is out front by promising a whopping 7 years of major OS updates for Pixel devices starting with the Pixel 8 series. This epoch-making pledge sets a new gold standard for the industry.

Google’s VP of Pixel Product Management proudly hailed this ambitious update timeline: “We’re setting a new bar for the industry so users can keep their devices fresh longer.”

How Long Will Your Google Pixel Get Updates

Apple and Samsung Close Behind

While no company yet matches Google’s 7 year pledge, Apple and Samsung are making bold commitments:

  • Apple promises 6 years of major iOS updates for recent iPhone models
  • Samsung┬áhasn’t formally announced it yet, but rumor suggests they will offer up to 7 years of Android OS upgrades

List Of Smartphone Brands That Offer Long-Term Software Update Policies

This table shows how the major players stack up:

BrandYears of Promised OS Updates
Google Pixel7 years
Apple iPhone6 years
Samsung Galaxy*Up to 7 years*

*Samsung’s 7-year pledge not yet official

Most Others Still Lagging

Unfortunately, most other Android brands still fail to support devices for more than 3-4 years. For expensive flagship phones designed to last 5+ years, this leaves customers high and dry for latter years of ownership.

It goes to show most phone makers still prioritize selling the next device over extending the life of current ones. But with Google, Apple and Samsung raising the bar, users should demand better. Longer OS update support should become an expectation, not an aberration!

The Software Lifeline

Lengthy software update support has far-reaching implications:

  • Extends phone lifetime for better value
  • Delivers new features year after year
  • Keeps devices safer from emerging threats


Hopefully the latest update commitments spark a new movement across the whole mobile industry. All smartphone brands should commit to keeping loyal customers’ devices refreshed with software improvements for 5-7 years, rather than the typical 2-3.

Google is walking the walk here. And by doing so, they force Apple, Samsung and everyone else to put their money where their mouth is on long term software support too. That’s an exciting win for all smartphone owners!

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