Realme C51 Review: An Affordable Smartphone With Large Display

Are you looking for a budget Smartphone that can handle all of your Daily tasks with ease? Then you are at the right place. We are revealing a top-notch recently launched smartphone called Realme C51. It can provide you with decent performance in a very tight range. We will go through every aspect of Realme C51 in our Review.

So Let’s dive into our Realme C51 Review to explore the potential of the smartphone.

Realme C51 Review: An Budget Friendly Smartphone

Realme C51 Review

There are numerous smartphones out there providing decent performance in daily tasks. But not on a very tight budget which is a matter of concern for some people. Realme C51 is just a life-saving smartphone for people on tight budgets as it can provide basic functionality that we will discuss further in our Realme C51 Review. Going through feature to feature might be a great option. So let’s start with Realme C51 Design.

Realme C51 Design

Realme C51 comes with a Stylish Glittering Design that looks amazing from side angles. It has an ultra-thin 7.99mm body that weighs only 186g which means most people will find it comfortable in their hands.

Realme C51 has two variants: Carbon Black and Mint Green. It’s surprising that the company is providing two color variants in a tight price range. Realme C51’s build quality is quite average but that is what we should expect from a Smartphone with a small price.

We advise you to cover the screen with Gorilla class as we can’t expect Screen Protection in this price range. It will prevent screen damage and also take the dust away from the screen.

Software Specification

Realme C51 is powered by the same Tiger T612 chipset that we have seen on Realme C53. This budget smartphone has a frequency of 1.80 GHz which provides decent performance along with 4G RAM and 64 GB storage. It also has a 128GB variant which costs slightly more than the 64GB one.

We can say 64Gb storage is enough to store images and videos. If your space is fully filled then you can insert a MicroSD card too in this smartphone. SIM card slots are two in Realme C51 that help you in shifting from one to another when Your Data is about to end.

Realme C51 Display

Realme C51 has a 6.74-inch display that refreshes at a rate of 90Hz. It provides a smooth viewing experience while watching entertainment content and gaming. The good news is that the screen comes with 720p by 1600 pixels resolution.

However, peak brightness might be a matter of concern for some people as it becomes very difficult to use it comfortably in heavy sunlight. The display looks super smooth on cloudy days and While indoors.

You can check out our web story on Realme C51 Review for a quick understanding of aspects of this smartphone.

Realme C51 Camera

The Realme C51 camera is quite impressive in terms of clicking for photographs. Rear and Front both cameras support HDR. So you should expect some smoother photographs from Realme C51. Realme C51’s Rear Camera is about 50 Mega-Pixel and Front Camera comes with 5 MP that’s truly amazing to get from a budget smartphone.

The Disappointing thing is that it is only capable of recording videos at 30 frames per second, though that’s an understandable compromise given the price of the phone. Realme C51 has no optical image stabilization that’s another issue we encountered in it.

Realme C51 Review

Realme C51 has night mode too which provides satisfying results while shooting in a bright dark environment. Moreover, You will get a filter for every mood that gives a versatile video shooting experience.


Realme C51 is an amazing smartphone when we talk about Battery aspects as it comes with a massive 5000 mAh battery. You expect a battery life of at least half a day even performing intensive graphic tasks along with daily tasks. That’s what consumers want in this small price range. This is the main reason why people are going with Realme C51 Smartphone.

Moreover, the company provides a 33W charger inside the smartphone’s box. Realme C51 takes 28 minutes to go from 0 to 50% thanks to its powerful 33W charger. That means it takes slightly less than an hour to fully charge from Zero.

Is It Worth Your Money?

Yes, the Realme c51 smartphone is a perfect budget fit as it has a massive battery, a Larger display, and quick Charging functionality. We know it has some issues too but that’s an understandable compromise given the price of the phone.

We can say it will give you a satisfactory performance in daily activities like chatting, browsing, and calling. It can’t be helpful in gaming much as it runs on a below-average Chipset. But you can try it on some entry-level games like Hill Climbing etc those are not much graphic Demanding.

Overall, We are giving Realme C51 a 5/3.5 Rating. In Short, It’s built for people who are fond of large-battery phones and not interested in playing mobile games. You can grab more details about C51 from Realme’s official site. We think it’s time to end our Realme C51 Review. If you still have any doubts then comment below we will answer your query. Have a nice Day!

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