10,000 International Jobs Available to Vodafone Idea Users

international job opportunities for Vodafone Idea (Vi) users! Apply through 'Apna' on MyVi app. Graduate degree & experience required.
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Great news for Vodafone Idea (Vi) users! In collaboration with the job search platform ‘Apna,’ Vi exclusively provides over 10,000 international job opportunities to its customers. This remarkable initiative is part of the Vi Jobs & Education service, accessible through the MyVi app. If you’re eager to explore international job prospects, this could be the chance you’ve been waiting for.

Key Points

  • Vodafone Idea (Vi) and ‘Apna’ Partnership: Vi offers over 10,000 international job opportunities through ‘Apna’ on the MyVi app.
  • Eligibility: To apply, candidates must have a graduate degree, ITI certification, or a specialised diploma, along with relevant work experience.
  • Diverse Fields: Job roles span across Manufacturing, Sales, Business Development, Customer Support, Logistics, and more in countries like UAE, Japan, Malaysia, and others.
  • Empowering India’s Talent: Vi’s initiative aligns with the government’s vision to make India the world’s skill capital, showcasing Indian talent globally.
  • How to Apply: Vi users can access the ‘Vi Jobs & Education’ option on the MyVi app to explore and apply for these international opportunities.

You must possess a graduate degree, ITI certification, or a specialised diploma to qualify for these international roles. Additionally, relevant skills in the Indian job market and prior work experience in your field are essential, making this an excellent opportunity for experienced professionals looking to take their careers global. Whether you’re skilled in Manufacturing, Sales, Business Development, Customer Support, or Logistics, Vi offers a diverse array of opportunities in countries such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom (UK).

Vi has committed to empowering India’s workforce by partnering with three innovative startups – ‘Apna,’ ‘Enguru,’ and Pariksha – to launch the Vi Jobs & Education service in April last year. Vi and Apna are aligned with the government’s vision of making India the world’s skill capital and leveraging the country’s demographic dividend by providing access to international job opportunities.

Indian talent is highly sought globally, as the youth are known for their problem-solving mindset, digital literacy, adaptability to new technologies, and strong work ethic. With Vi and Apna facilitating this international job initiative, Indian professionals have a chance to shine on the global stage.

vi 10k jobs for indians

If you’re a Vi user and aspire to advance your career abroad, don’t miss this incredible opportunity. Access the ‘Vi Jobs & Education’ option on the MyVi app to explore and apply for these international job openings.

Stay tuned for more updates on the latest tech news, and smartphone reviews, and follow us on Google News. Take the first step towards an exciting international career with Vi and Apna!”

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