YouTube Music’s Comments Section: What You Need to Know

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Google is shaking things up with YouTube Music, making it more like the main YouTube app. One big change is that comments from YouTube videos are now on YouTube Music. This is a big deal, because YouTube comments can be pretty toxic.

Key Points

  • YouTube Music’s Identity Crisis: YouTube Music is going through an identity crisis, and it’s embracing its inner YouTube. It’s like your favourite superhero deciding to dress up as their alter ego for a day, except in this case, YouTube Music is becoming the “Clark Kent” of music streaming.
  • Comment Confusion: Ever wondered what it’s like to have an existential crisis as an app? YouTube Music is here to show you. It’s brought comments from the main YouTube app, and now it’s questioning its very existence, wondering if it’s a music app or just a comment collector in disguise.
  • Button Bonanza: The app’s got a brand new carousel of buttons. It’s like they invited all their button friends to a party, and now there’s a button extravaganza on your screen. With so many buttons, it’s like a tech-themed version of musical chairs—except there’s no chair, just buttons.
  • Comments, Comments, Everywhere: Remember that one friend who couldn’t stop quoting lines from their favourite movie? Well, YouTube Music is that friend but with comments. Now, it’s got comments everywhere you look. It’s like living in a comment-themed house, where every room has its own unique comment section.
  • Competition in the Comment Game: YouTube Music might be the first music streaming app with an active comments section, but it’s also entering a fierce competition. It’s like a new kid on the playground, trying to out-comment the others. Will it be the comment king or just another comment in the thread? Only time will tell!

YouTube Music is competing with other music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. To stand out, Google is making YouTube Music more like YouTube.

One of the biggest changes is that there’s now a comments button on the Now Playing screen. You can like, dislike, save, share, download, or listen to a song’s radio station from the comments section.

The comments section looks and feels like the one on YouTube. It’s a bit surprising that Google would add comments, since YouTube comments are often full of hate speech and spam.

But YouTube Music is one of the few music streaming apps with comments, so it could be a good way to connect with other fans. The new interface is rolling out now, so check your app to see if you have it yet.

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