YouTube introduced a Lock screen feature; here’s how to use it

YouTube's Lock Screen feature, exclusive to YouTube Premium users. Lock your screen while watching videos to avoid accidental taps and distractions
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YouTube has recently introduced a new feature called “Lock Screen” to enhance the video-watching experience for users. This feature lets users lock their screens while watching videos, eliminating accidental taps and distractions. It is exclusively available to YouTube Premium subscribers.

The Lock Screen feature addresses the frustrating issue of unintentional touch inputs that disrupt the video playback or alter the video’s ambience. YouTube has taken a significant step forward by introducing this feature, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.

youtube background play using realme sildebar
youtube background play using realme sildebar
youtube new accidental tap lock screen feature screenshot

Available until Aug 5

Lock Screen disables touch input while watching a video so that accidental taps do not pause, skip or disrupt the video.

How to use:

• While watching a video in full-screen mode, tap the gear icon in the top left corner and select Lock Screen.

Note: Available on Android and iOS only.

This feature is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Users who watch YouTube videos will notice the Lock Screen option. This option will keep the screen locked until the user unlocks it.

Here’s how to enable the Lock Screen option:

YouTube's Lock Screen Feature
  • Launch the YouTube app.
  • Tap on the profile picture located in the top right corner.
  • Select the “Your Premium benefits” option.
  • Click on “Try new features.”
  • Choose the “try it out” option on the lock screen card.

To use the Lock Screen feature, tap the gear icon in the top left corner while watching a video in full-screen mode, and select “Lock Screen.”

This feature is designed to improve the video-watching experience by preventing accidental touches. This is especially helpful when watching videos in landscape mode, as it is easy to touch the screen and pause or close the video accidentally. The feature is not available in portrait mode, as it is less likely that users will accidentally touch the screen in this orientation.

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