WhatsApp takes charge of your Phone Number Visibility

WhatsApp recognises the importance of user privacy and is actively working to provide more control over who can access your phone number. This blog post explains how WhatsApp implements these changes. We’ll break down the information in simple terms, specifically for WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp is Respecting Your Privacy


WhatsApp values your privacy and aims to give you the power to decide who can see your phone number. Through new updates, they are working towards enhancing privacy control, ensuring that only trusted individuals can access this sensitive information.

Securing Your Phone Number: WhatsApp’s Commitment to Privacy

With an upcoming feature called “Phone Number Privacy,” WhatsApp is introducing a mechanism that allows you to determine the visibility of your phone number. You’ll be free to decide whether your phone number should be visible to other WhatsApp users.

Safeguarding Your Privacy

WhatsApp’s new feature offers an additional layer of privacy. Previously, even if you reacted to a message, your phone number would be visible to everyone in the community. However, with this update, your phone number will remain hidden, preserving your privacy even during community interactions.

How it Works

UtilisingUtilising this feature is a straightforward process. Access the community info tab within WhatsApp and select “Phone Number Privacy.” This setting lets you keep your phone number concealed from other community members. It’s important to note that community admins’ phone numbers will still be visible to facilitate communication.

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Important Points to Consider

While WhatsApp is committed to enhancing privacy, there are a few limitations. Community admins’ phone numbers will always be communicated to other members. Additionally, if you use multiple devices, you’ll need to enable this privacy feature on each device to maintain consistent control over your phone number visibility.


WhatsApp is actively working on empowering its users by providing more control over who can see their phone numbers. With the introduction of the Phone Number Privacy feature, you can decide the visibility of your phone number within WhatsApp communities.

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