ColorOS 14: Dynamic Island-Style Alert and iOS-Style Evolution

Oppo has been actively rolling out the Android 14-based ColorOS 14 beta update to a range of its devices, offering users numerous enhancements and features to elevate their smartphone experience. However, exciting news suggests that Oppo is heading in a direction that brings it closer to the iOS experience with its next significant upgrade. Recent reports indicate that the latest beta introduces Dynamic Island-style animations.

Embracing iOS-Style Elements on Realme

The adoption of iOS-inspired software tweaks in the ColorOS 14 UI is becoming more apparent. According to reputable tipster Digital Chat Station, Oppo is actively developing its first iteration of Android 14-based ColorOS. In addition to this, the tipster shared some intriguing images of smartphone displays from the new UI’s private beta.

Among these visuals is a new alert style that closely resembles Apple’s Dynamic Island. However, Oppo is expected to introduce its unique spin on this concept. Notably, Oppo’s version features notification “Capsules” in black, while iOS 17 employs white.

Understanding Dynamic Island Realme:

Dynamic Island is a concept closely associated with the iPhone. It refers to a pill-shaped region on the device that not only houses camera hardware but also acts as a dynamic hub for key alerts and notifications. This area can change shape and size to accommodate various alerts and interactions. Apple has transformed it into an interactive space where users can view notifications, control music, and more.

dynamic island on realme thumbnail

While Dynamic Island is a distinctive feature of the iPhone, reports suggest that Oppo is gearing up to bring a similar feature to its devices in the near future. Oppo’s take on Dynamic Island may differ in implementation, potentially involving corner-mounted punch-holes as opposed to centrally mounted pills. It’s worth noting that ColorOS 14 may also introduce its version of Contact Posters, which could work seamlessly with the cover display of devices like the Find N2 Flip.

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