BGMI Update: From Voice Marking to Map Surprises – What’s New?

Yo, desi gamers!

So, remember how Krafton just unleashed the BGMI 2.7 update with that epic Dragon Ball Super fusion? Oh, and they even gifted our flagship phones some swanky 90fps support – talk about treating our devices like royalty! But guess what? The game gurus aren’t taking a chai break; they’re back with a bang. The buzz on the block is all about the BGMI 2.8 Beta 1 – a gaming upgrade of epic proportions!

Quick tea break, fellow gamers – the first trial run for Battleground Mobile India 2.8 kicked off on August 10, 2023. Yeah, we got a beta on our hands, and it’s like finding a golgappa wala when you’re starving!

Hold your horses, folks – BGMI 2.8 Beta 1 Update: The Goodies

Listen up, squad! You can now get your mitts on the BGMI 2.8 Beta 1 Update for your trusty Android buddies. Brace yourselves, because this update is spicier than your mom’s masala chai. It’s supercharging the World of Wonder and Classic Mode. And here’s the lowdown:

BGMI 2.8 Beta: Classic Mode Gets a Desi Twist

bgmi charachter having a gun
  • Crossbow Tactical Gunpowder Attachment: Imagine this – load it with bullets, and BOOM, you’ve got a “just a tad late” explosion. Just like your friend who always arrives fashionably late to the party!
  • Boss-Level Voice Marking: Time to mark those spots, but wait – this time, your phone’s gonna scream the place name! Let’s just hope it doesn’t get stage fright.

BGMI 2.8 Beta: World of Wonder Gets a Dose of Masti

  • Now, check this out! Not just one, but two funky Map Templates are dropping: Castle Nocturne and Karakin. It’s like having two types of chaat – double the fun!
  • And there’s a little bonus – new Desi Deco & Building Stuff, like Ferris Wheels, Race Tracks, and even a virtual Castle! It’s like the PUBG version of Disneyland.

Hold on to your lungs, because after this update, BGMI got some Indian jugaad: Bulletin Board Device, Custom Text, and even a Character Switch Device. That’s right, we’re not just gamers, we’re gaming engineers now!

bgmi new update thumbnail apk

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