Best Realme Trick for Auto-Off Personal Hotspot Feature

Namaste, realme fans! We hope you’re doing well and enjoying your time in the realme Community. Today, we have an exciting topic to discuss that will make your life easier and save you precious batteries and data.

We all know the struggle of forgetting to turn off our hotspots after sharing our mobile data with friends and family. But fear not, realme UI 4.0 has a smart solution for you – the automatic turn-off feature for personal hotspots!

Overview of realme UI 4.0

Realme UI 4.0 is an intuitive, user-friendly interface to enhance your smartphone experience. With its latest features and optimisations, realme UI 4.0 is about making your life easier and more efficient.

The Need for Automatically Turning Off Personal Hotspots

We all have experienced the frustration of unnecessarily leaving the personal hotspot on, draining our battery and data. But worry no more! The automatic turn-off feature in realme UI 4.0 is here to rescue us from this forgetfulness.

Enabling the Automatic Turn-Off Feature

Let’s dive into the step-by-step guide to activate this convenient feature:

Let’s get started.

Step 1 :- Go To Settings

Step 2 :- Click on Connection & Sharing

Step 3 :- Click on Personal hotspot

Now here you have option called Automatically turn off personal hotspot

Click on the toggle to enable it after it enabled your realme smartphone will Automatically turn off personal hotspot when no devices are connected for 10 minutes.

That’s all for Automatically turn off personal hotspot

Do let me know your thoughts on this thread See you in the comments and let’s talk more about this and if you have any query feel free to comment below

  1. Go to Settings: Open the settings menu on your realme smartphone.
  2. Click on “Connection & sharing”: Find and select the “Connection & sharing” option.
  3. Select “Personal hotspot”: Locate the “Personal hotspot” option.
  4. Find the “Automatically turn off personal hotspot” toggle switch: Enable it to activate the feature.

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Exploring the Benefits

Now that you’ve enabled the automatic turn-off feature let’s explore its incredible benefits:

  • Preserving Battery Life: With the automatic turn-off feature, your personal hotspot will automatically shut down when no devices are connected for 10 minutes. This saves precious battery power, ensuring your phone lasts longer.
  • Controlling Data Usage: You prevent unnecessary data consumption by automatically turning off the personal hotspot. This feature helps you stay within your data limits and avoid unexpected charges on your mobile data plan.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: With realme UI’s automatic turn-off feature, you can make the most of your mobile data plan without wasting a single byte. It’s a smart way to save money and ensure you’re using your data efficiently.

Tips for Optimising Personal Hotspot Usage

To further enhance your hotspot experience, here are a few additional tips:

  1. Set a strong password for security: Protect your hotspot from unauthorised access by using a strong password.
  2. Monitor connected devices: Keep an eye on the devices connected to your hotspot to ensure you know who is using your data.
  3. Disable hotspot when not in use: When you’re done sharing your data, remember to turn off the hotspot manually to save battery and data.
  4. Explore other sharing options: Realme smartphones offer various sharing options like Wi-Fi Direct, which might suit certain scenarios.

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Congratulations on discovering the fantastic automatic turn-off feature in realme UI 4.0! By enabling this feature, you’ll save precious battery life, control your data usage, and save money on your mobile data plan. Realme UI 4.0 truly understands the needs of its users and provides smart solutions to simplify life.

Thank you for joining us today! We hope you found this blog post informative and entertaining. Remember to share your thoughts and funny experiences in the comments section below. Also, make sure to join the official realme India Telegram channel, @realmeIndiaOfficial, for the latest updates from realme.

Until next time, keep sharing, keep exploring, and keep saving!

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