9+ Tips and Tricks to Save Your Realme Battery

Are you tired of the realme phones or frustrated with their short battery life? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many Realme users in India complain about the battery life of their devices.

But the good news is you can use several tips and tricks to extend your Realme phone’s battery life.

10 Ultimate Tips to Save Your Realme Battery and Extend Its Life

If you own a Realme device, you may look for ways to extend its battery life. Luckily, you can follow some simple tips to make your device last longer on a single charge. Here are ten helpful suggestions to help you get started.

So let’s get started! This article will share ten tips for saving your Realme battery and extending its life.

1. Turn off Performance Mode

performance mode realme screenshot

is excellent for boosting the performance of your Realme phone. But it comes at the cost of battery life. You can turn off performance mode to save your battery life if you’re not a hardcore gamer or don’t use your phone for heavy tasks.

 To turn off performance mode, go to Settings > Battery > Performance Mode > and select “No performance improvement.”

2. Turn on Low Power Consumption Mode in Game Space

If you’re a gamer and play games on your Realme phone, you can turn on the low power consumption mode in Game Space to save your battery life. This mode reduces the performance of the game to save battery. 

screen battery optimisation mode realme

To turn on low power consumption mode, go to Game Space > tap on the game you want to play > and enable low power consumption mode.

3. Stop Apps Running in the Background

Some apps run in the background and drain the battery. We don’t use all the apps we have installed on our phones. We hardly use 4-5 apps.

Other apps eat up RAM and battery. So the first thing you can do is delete the apps you don’t need.

You can choose whether to allow other apps to run in the background. To stop apps from running in the background, go to Settings > Apps > select the app > and turn off “Allow background activity.”

4. Use Dark Theme

One of the simplest ways to save your Realme battery is to use the dark theme. The dark theme uses less power compared to the light theme, especially on devices with AMOLED screens.

relame dark mode from quick pannel

To enable the dark theme, go to Settings > Realme Lab > and enable the dark theme. You can also force dark mode on the apps that don’t support it.

5. Use Black Wallpaper

Another simple yet effective way to save your Realme battery is to use black wallpaper. Since Realme phones come with AMOLED screens, keeping a black wallpaper helps in saving the battery.

You can find plenty of black wallpapers on the internet or create one yourself.

6. Use Lite Versions of Apps

Some apps have lite versions with less battery and RAM. You can use them to save some battery. Lite versions of apps are usually smaller in size and have fewer features. But they get the job done.

Some popular apps with Lite versions are Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Go.

7. Turn off Location Access

is essential for apps like maps but can quickly drain your battery life. If you’re not using any app that requires location access, you can turn it off to save your battery life.

quick pannel all services turned onn

To turn off location access, go to Settings > Location Access > and turn it off.

8. Turn off Always-On Display

Always-on-Display-Realme phone
Credit: TrakinTech YT.

is a great feature that shows you essential information without unlocking your phone. But it also consumes a lot of battery. If you’re not using this feature, you can turn it off to save your battery life. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Always-on Display > to turn off the display.

9. Adjust Brightness Automatically

Adjusting brightness on your device can be a real hassle, especially when you’re constantly moving from a well-lit room to a dimly lit one. But did you know that you can adjust brightness automatically on your device? It’s a small change that can significantly impact your daily device usage. By enabling automatic brightness, your device will automatically adjust the brightness based on your environment, making it easier to view your screen and saving battery life.

10. Disable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS When Not in Use

quick pannel all services turned onn

Turn them off if you’re not using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or GPS. These features consume much battery power, especially when left on unnecessarily. You can turn them off from the quick settings or by going into the settings app.

11. Use Battery-Saver Mode

Most smartphones today have a battery-saver mode. This mode helps to conserve battery life by reducing the phone’s performance, restricting background data usage, and disabling certain features. You can turn on battery saver mode when your battery is running low or set it on automatically when the battery level reaches a certain percentage.

12. Uninstall Unused Apps

Lastly, uninstalling the apps you don’t use can also help to save battery life. Some apps continue to run in the background and consume battery power even when you’re not actively using them. By uninstalling such apps, you can free up space on your phone and save battery life.


Q: What are some common battery-draining apps on Realme devices?

Some common battery-draining apps on Realme devices include social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, gaming apps, and GPS apps like Google Maps.

Q: How can adjusting screen brightness affect Realme battery life?

Adjusting screen brightness can have a significant impact on Realme battery life. Turning down the brightness when you don’t need it and enabling automatic brightness adjustment can help conserve battery power.

Q: Are there any battery-saving features unique to Realme smartphones?

Realme smartphones have various battery-saving features, such as Power Saving Mode, App Freeze, and Super Power Saving Mode. These features can help extend your battery life by reducing power consumption.

Q: What are some best practices for charging Realme batteries?

Ans: To maximize the lifespan of your Realme battery, it’s best to avoid overcharging or letting your battery completely drain. Charging your device up to 80% and unplugging it before it reaches 100% can prolong its lifespan.

Q: How can individuals monitor their Realme battery usage to optimise lifespan?

ANS: Realme devices have built-in battery usage monitors, allowing you to see which apps use the most power. By identifying these apps and adjusting your usage habits, you can optimise your battery lifespan and get the most out of your device.


And that’s a wrap on our 10 ultimate tips to save your Realme battery and extend its life! We hope you found these tips helpful and will try them to get the most out of your device’s battery. Remember, a few small changes can make a big difference in your battery life, so don’t hesitate to try these tips.

If you found this article helpful, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it with your friends and family struggling with their Realme phone’s battery life. Together, we can make the most out of our devices and never worry about running out of battery again! And let’s spread the word on how to save our phone’s battery and make it last longer.

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