YouTube update for Android 14 Beta with new features, but it crash

Google is gearing up to release Android 14 beta, the latest update for Android users, with testing in its final stages. However, while updating the YouTube app on Android 14 beta, users have reported encountering a partial crash within the application.

The recent release of version 18.27.35 by the Google-owned platform resulted in a serious crash for users visiting the library section. In Android 14 beta 4 and 3.1 updates, users observed a circular loading sign in the middle of the screen, causing disruptions.

Notably, only the library section of YouTube is affected by this issue in Android 14 beta, while other sections, such as home, shorts, subscriptions, search, notifications, settings, and more, remain unaffected. Users can still access YouTube videos, but functionalities like viewing history and downloads are temporarily unavailable.

On the positive side, Android 14 beta 4 brings many new features, marking the second platform stability release. These features include a redesigned Muted status icon, changes to share sheets, an auto-confirm unlock feature, and more.

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Furthermore, as a Google-owned platform, YouTube is actively testing several intriguing features, including gesture control (playback speed at 2X), a lock screen feature to avoid accidental touch, larger previews while seeking, and more.

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