YouTube tests ‘Playables’ to explore online gaming

In its quest for continued growth amid a decline in advertising revenue, YouTube is venturing into new territories, including online gaming. The global video-sharing platform has recently commenced testing on a product called Playables, inviting its employees to participate in the trials. Games like Stack Bounce are available for testing on this new platform.

This YouTube Tech News in 5 Points:

  • YouTube is testing online games. They are trying a new product called ‘Playables.’
  • Employees of YouTube’s parent company, Google, have been invited to test games like “Stack Bounce.”
  • These games can be played on web browsers and mobile devices like Android and iOS.
  • YouTube wants to find new ways to make money because advertising revenue is decreasing.
  • They also plan to launch a shopping channel in South Korea and face competition from TikTok.

The Wall Street Journal reported that YouTube has emailed Google employees detailing its new gaming initiative, “Playables.” The games can be played on YouTube’s website and on Android and iOS devices. YouTube remains focused on gaming and experimenting with new features, but a spokesperson said there are no official announcements now.

YouTube’s decision to enter the online gaming market is unsurprising, given the platform’s large user base of gamers who actively stream and watch live gameplay. YouTube CEO Neal Mohan has expressed a desire to explore new revenue streams, and online gaming is seen as a potential source of income in the face of declining advertising revenues.

Various games, including the Stack Bounce arcade game with advertisements, have been made available to employees as part of the testing process. In Stack Bounce, players attempt to break layers of bricks using a bouncing ball. By incorporating online gaming on the platform, YouTube can tap into the lucrative gaming industry and generate additional revenue.

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Beyond the gaming venture, YouTube also plans to introduce several new features, including launching its first shopping channel in South Korea. With Alphabet as its parent company, which also operates Google, YouTube has faced stiff competition from TikTok over the past few years. Additionally, YouTube encountered challenges in India when the government requested the removal of three channels that propagated false claims about government welfare schemes and spread fake news. The Fact-Checking Unit of the Government’s Press Information Bureau deemed these channel’s sources false and misleading information.

As YouTube embraces new horizons like online gaming, it seeks to diversify its offerings and maintain its position as a leading platform for entertainment and content consumption.

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