WhatsApp to Introduce Email Verification and New Call Interface

WhatsApp is always looking for new ways to improve its service and make it more convenient for users. Recent reports suggest that the company is testing two new features: email verification for account security and a redesigned call notification interface. These updates are still testing, but they can make WhatsApp even more user-friendly.

Key Points

  1. WhatsApp is testing email verification and a redesigned call interface.
  2. Email verification enhances account security and allows access from other devices.
  3. The call interface shows the caller’s name and customizable buttons.
  4. Features are in development and currently available for beta users.
  5. Expect updates for all users soon.

As always, WhatsApp places a strong emphasis on user security and privacy. Initially, the platform introduced two-factor authentication to combat scams and hacking attempts. Now, it is taking further steps to bolster security.

WhatsApp users currently rely on phone numbers for account access. This is risky if they lose their phone. WhatsApp is adding email verification to address this. This is being tested with v2.23.16.15. It will allow users to open their accounts on other devices without their phone number, adding convenience and security.

The second update being tested is a new call notification interface included in the v2.23.16.14 version update. The caller’s name will appear below the app’s in this redesigned interface. Users can decline calls by pressing the red button with the decline icon, or they can accept calls by pressing the green button with the accept icon. Additionally, users can customise the colours of these buttons to match their theme, enhancing their overall calling experience.

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These updates are currently in development and are available only for beta users. However, they are expected to be rolled out to all users soon.

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