WhatsApp Set to Roll Out Multi-Account Feature, same as Instagram

By Vinakay Kashyap, Published on 16 June 2023: To enhance user experience and offer greater convenience, WhatsApp is currently developing a multi-account feature reminiscent of Instagram’s functionality. In its early development stages, the new feature aims to allow users to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts within a single app on Android and iOS platforms.

The announcement came with a beta update, version, specifically for WhatsApp Business. This update focuses on improving the app’s overall performance and stability and introduces a unique multi-account feature for users.

With the multi-account feature, WhatsApp users can seamlessly navigate between personal conversations, work-related discussions, and other social interactions within a single app. This development intends to provide users with enhanced privacy, efficient notification management, and streamlined account-switching capabilities without the need for parallel space or dual apps.

Although the multi-account feature is still in the development phase, it has garnered significant interest due to its potential implications for users. Once the feature is available, users can switch between accounts and easily add new accounts with just a tap of the “Add Account” button.

WhatsApp plans to roll out the multi-account feature to beta testers initially, allowing them to provide valuable feedback to refine the functionality further. Following the beta testing phase, WhatsApp aims to release the feature to all users in future app updates, ensuring everyone can benefit from the added convenience and versatility.

Introducing this multi-account feature aligns with WhatsApp’s commitment to continuously improve its service and offer innovative features to its ever-growing user base. By drawing inspiration from Instagram, another popular platform owned by Facebook, WhatsApp seeks to provide a familiar and intuitive user experience.

As the development progresses, WhatsApp users eagerly anticipate the arrival of this feature, which promises to simplify their digital lives by eliminating the need for separate apps or workarounds to manage multiple accounts. WhatsApp remains dedicated to enhancing user satisfaction and ensuring its platform remains at the forefront of secure and efficient communication.

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