WhatsApp is Testing an Easy Way to Start Group Chats

WhatsApp is making group chats even more user-friendly with a new feature currently in beta testing. The messaging app is trying out a simple fix to make adding participants to group chats much easier and more convenient.

Key Points

  • WhatsApp beta testing easier group chat participant addition.
  • The new one-tap shortcut saves time and improves user-friendliness.
  • Feature available in beta version on Google Play Store.
  • Simplifies the process of adding participants to group chats.
  • Part of WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to enhance the group messaging experience.

In the current setup, adding someone to a WhatsApp group chat requires navigating through several menus: open the overflow menu in the chat, select Group info, and then tap the Add participant button. This process might need to be more intuitive for new users or those creating their first group.

whatsapp new way thumbnail

WhatsApp is testing a new feature that allows users to add participants to group chats with just one tap. This is a significant improvement over the current process, requiring users to open the group chat, tap the “Add participant” button, and select the people they want to add.

The new feature will be available in beta version of the app and is expected to be available in new and old chats. This new feature will save users time and streamline adding people to group chats.

WhatsApp’s continuous efforts to improve group messaging include features like new icons for profile pictures and video messaging. As this new feature rolls out, similar improvements could be introduced to Communities that cater to even larger groups. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development.

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