WhatsApp Beta update brings relief with Improved bottom Bar

WhatsApp has been working on a new bottom navigation bar for its Android app for several months. The new bar was first released to beta users in late May 2023, and it received positive feedback for its improved one-handed usability.

However, one complaint was that users could not swipe left or right to switch between tabs.

This was addressed in the latest beta release of the app, which allows users to switch between tabs with a simple swipe.

whatsapp new bottom navigation
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The swipe-to-switch feature was implemented after WhatsApp considered user feedback. The company wanted to provide a superior user experience, so they made an exception to the Material Design 3 guidelines.

In addition to the swipe-to-switch feature, WhatsApp has also refined the switches and buttons within the app by adopting rounded corners. This modernises the look and feel of the app and aligns with the revamped interface.

The swipe-to-switch feature and redesigned buttons are being rolled out through a server-side push from WhatsApp. As a result, they might only be visible on the latest beta build for some users. However, WhatsApp plans to make them available to a broader audience of beta testers soon. Additionally, the company is expected to release the revamped layout of its Android app to the public channel shortly.

The changes to WhatsApp’s bottom navigation bar are a positive step. The swipe-to-switch feature makes it easier to navigate between tabs, and the rounded corners give the app a more modern look. These changes should make WhatsApp more user-friendly for everyone.

whatsapp new bottom navigation

Here are some additional details about the changes:

  • The new bottom navigation bar is more compact than the previous one, which makes it easier to reach with one hand.
  • The tabs are now arranged in a horizontal row, which makes it easier to see which tab you are currently on.
  • The icons for the tabs have been redesigned to be more consistent with the rest of the app.
  • The buttons within the app have also been redesigned to be more rounded and modern.

The changes to WhatsApp’s bottom navigation bar are a positive step. They make the app easier to use and more visually appealing.

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