How WhatsApp Beta Testing New Feature to Protect User Privacy

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has recently unveiled a new beta update with enhanced security features exclusive to a select group of beta testers. While WhatsApp regularly introduces updates to fix bugs, improve user experience, and add entertainment features, this latest update bolsters security measures.

Identified with the firmware version, this update addresses a common concern among users: dealing with messages from unknown numbers, which can be a frustrating experience.

To tackle this issue, WhatsApp has introduced a new security tool that provides additional safeguards and ensures user privacy. As of now, this tool is accessible only to beta users.

When users receive messages from unknown phone numbers for the first time, the safety tool will activate, presenting users with suggestions for handling the situation. Alongside the existing options of Blocking and Report Contact, WhatsApp now offers two new choices:

  • Profile Name and Photo: Users can view the profile picture and name of the person who sent the message.
  • Phone Number: Users will learn the origin country of the unknown phone number.

With these updates, WhatsApp provides information about the sender and guides users on appropriate actions to take.

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Furthermore, the update introduces an additional feature: When users receive messages from unknown numbers and read them, the sender will receive a read receipt once they reply or add the number to their contact list. This feature ensures that users have control over their interactions with unknown senders.

While currently exclusive to beta users, the update is expected to soon be made available to all WhatsApp users.

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