Twitter/X Rebranding: Introducing ‘Posts’ to Replace ‘Tweets’

Twitter rebrands as 'X'! Say goodbye to 'Tweets' and hello to 'Posts.' Exciting updates coming in the beta version. Stay tuned! #Twitter #Rebrand
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In a recent announcement made by Elon Musk on July 23, the renowned social media platform Twitter is undergoing a significant rebranding and will now be known as “X.” Alongside this transformation, Twitter is also introducing a noteworthy update: the term ‘Tweets’ will be replaced with ‘Posts.’

Currently available in the beta version 10.1.0-beta.1, the X app will soon transition to its stable version, and it now appears alongside the YouTube family of apps at the bottom of your app grid.

Key points

  • Twitter is rebranding as ‘X.’
  • ‘Tweets’ will be called ‘Posts’ after the update.
  • The app is in the beta version (10.1.0-beta.1).
  • The dark mode might become an all-dark mode.
  • iOS users can expect improvements in the new update.

Despite the name change to “X,” the URL will continue to be, which indicates that a new app and various Play Store listings may not be required, as these issues have already been addressed.

In the latest update, users will find that ‘X’ has been incorporated into the app copy, search bars, and menus. However, the most notable change is on the Twitter Home page, where tapping the “+” icon reveals that the familiar “Tweets” tab has been replaced with “Posts.”

Moreover, Twitter’s iconic deep blue “dim” dark mode is still available, but there are indications that it might eventually be replaced by an all-dark mode, commonly known as “Light Out.” For now, the light mode option remains accessible within the application.

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iOS users are also in for a treat, as Twitter/X is rolling out a new update that improves the user experience and addresses bugs found in the 9.68 version.

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