Recent Spotify for Android Update Facing Crashes: How to Resolve

The latest update for Spotify on Android devices has stirred anticipation among users, as each update typically introduces new features for enhanced convenience. However, this time around, the latest update has brought unexpected challenges.

Key Points

  • The latest Spotify update on Android is causing crashes, disappointing users.
  • They mainly affect those on the beta track, with specific build numbers impacted.
  • Devices with build v8.8.60 are experiencing crashes, unlike v8.8.58 users.
  • Easy fix: Exit the Spotify beta program, uninstall, and then reinstall after a short wait.
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Why is Spotify Crashing?

The Issue: Despite the high hopes of the fan community who eagerly installed the latest update, the unfortunate reality is that the app is now prone to crashing upon opening, with no prior warning.

Affected Users and Devices: Initial reports suggest that the crashing issue primarily affects users on the beta track. While exact build versions have not been specified in these reports, the problem has been identified on devices like Pixel Fold and Galaxy Z Fold 5, both operating on the same build number, v8.8.60. These devices are in the beta track. Interestingly, this problem has yet to be observed on Pixel 7 devices using build number v8.8.58.

Fix Spotify Crashing

Resolving the Issue: Thankfully, there is a way to tackle this frustrating crashing problem. Users no longer need to grapple with app instability. Here’s a simple solution to follow:

  1. Navigate to the Play Store.
  2. Locate the Spotify app and access its listing.
  3. Opt out of the Spotify beta program associated with the app.
  4. Proceed to uninstall the app from your device.

Following these steps, it is advisable to wait briefly and then proceed with downloading and installing the Spotify app again.

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SPOTIFY icon wearing headphones with overlay text crashing

Conclusion: While the recent Spotify update has presented unexpected challenges, a straightforward solution is available to users encountering app crashes. By temporarily leaving the beta program and reinstalling the app, users can regain a smooth and stable Spotify experience. Please stay connected with us for more insightful articles in the future.

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