realme 11 Pro Series 5G sets a New Pre-Order Record today

Mumbai, June 15, 2023: The realme 11 Pro Series 5G has achieved a remarkable feat by setting the highest pre-order record in the 20-30k segment on Flipkart. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the realme fans who have made this milestone possible.

The eagerly awaited realme 11 Pro Series 5G sale is all set to kick off today at Noon, offering an incredible smartphone experience to users.

The realme 11 Pro Series 5G has generated significant buzz and anticipation among smartphone enthusiasts, and its outstanding pre-order numbers reflect the trust and support of our loyal fanbase. We are thrilled by this achievement and are committed to delivering an exceptional product that surpasses your expectations.

Powered by advanced 5G technology, the realme 11 Pro Series offers lightning-fast connectivity and a seamless browsing experience. Equipped with cutting-edge features and innovative technology, this series is set to redefine the mid-range smartphone segment.

To learn more about the realme 11 Pro Series 5G and its exciting features, visit the official realme website or click the following link: Source: Realme Official Website. Published on: Jun 15, 2023, 10:33 AM IST Posted by: realme Community Official, Jun 15, 2023, 10:33 AM IST

Take advantage of the opportunity to join this revolutionary smartphone series. Hurry and grab your realme 11 Pro Series 5G device today from Flipkart: Source: Flipkart.

realme 11 Pro Series 5G | Highest Pre-Order record
credit: realme.

Again, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all the realme fans for their unwavering support. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and announcements from realme.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. The mentioned pre-order record and sale details are based on official statements. Please refer to the official sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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