New Beta Update for WhatsApp Introduces Animated Avatar Pack

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, always works to improve the user experience with regular updates. Recently, it has rolled out an exciting new beta update that brings the ‘Animated Avatar’ pack. About a month ago, there were rumors about something interesting coming up for Avatars, and now it’s finally here.

Key Points

  • WhatsApp introduces Animated Avatar pack in a new beta update.
  • Livelier avatars enhance the conversation experience.
  • Exclusive access for lucky beta users with build number
  • Check the animated avatar feature in the avatar tab.
  • I expected wider availability for all users soon.

The latest beta update comes with build number and is currently available to a select group of lucky beta users. This update introduces a fantastic feature, offering animated avatars to users. This new feature will take avatars to the next level, providing users with livelier and more joyful animated options enhancing their conversation experience. Now, avatars will come alive with animation, making the conversations even more engaging and fun.

Those frequently using the avatar feature will find this beta update extremely convenient. To check if you can access this feature, open the avatar tab in your conversations. If your avatar appears animated, congratulations, you can now share animated avatars with others.

Please note that this animated avatar feature is limited to a select group of lucky beta users who can install the latest beta update from the Google Play Store. However, this exciting update is expected to be available to all users very soon.

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