Instagram’s head declares Android now surpasses iOS

A notable voice supporting Android’s superiority has emerged in the ongoing debate between Android and iOS enthusiasts. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram and Threads, recently ignited the tech world by declaring that Android has surpassed iOS in various aspects.

Mosseri’s bold statement was in response to a Threads post by tech guru Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), who invited tech experts to share their hot takes. Mosseri’s assertion quickly sparked a vigorous discussion across various online communities, particularly on Reddit, where users have strong opinions.

Some users agreed with Mosseri, arguing that Android offers more customisation and flexibility than iOS. Others argued that iOS is more user-friendly and has a better selection of apps. Still, others said that the two operating systems are equal and that the choice of which one to use is a matter of personal preference.

The debate over Android and iOS will likely continue for many years. However, Mosseri’s statement has certainly added fuel to the fire.

However, the Instagram executive did not elaborate on the specific reasons for his newfound preference for Android. As a key figure responsible for two major social media platforms, one can only speculate whether he was speaking from a developer’s perspective or if user-centric changes made by Google in refining the Android experience swayed his opinion. Additionally, recent tensions between Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta and Apple over App Store moderation policies and app tracking limitations might have influenced his stance, considering the impact on Meta’s advertising-centric business model.

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iOS 16 has many features, but it has been criticised for being buggy and unreliable, which goes against Apple’s reputation for making products that “just work.” On the other hand, Android 14 beta versions have introduced several quality-of-life improvements, such as customisable lock screens and charging indicators, predictive back gestures, and convenient drag-and-drop functionality for text and photos.

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Despite Mosseri’s endorsement of Android, it’s worth noting that Instagram has historically favoured its iOS app over its Android counterpart, initially launching without an Android version altogether. Unfortunately, this preference also seems to persist with Threads, as a significant update recently rolled out for iOS users while Android users are still waiting for news of its availability.

Many people hope that with the head of Instagram expressing support for Android, there will be improved feature parity between the Android and iOS versions of both Instagram and Threads. Users on either platform deserve a rich and consistent experience, regardless of their operating system preference. As Android continues to evolve and Apple refines its ecosystem, the rivalry between the two tech giants will likely intensify, driving innovation and benefiting consumers.

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