Hotstar’s update: Premium Users are restricted to 4 logins

Disney+ Hotstar is taking a cue from Netflix and is introducing a new policy to limit account sharing on its platform. Premium users will now be able to log in on a maximum of 4 devices, down from the previous limit of 10. This move comes in the wake of Netflix’s decision to impose restrictions on password sharing, requiring users to pay for sharing passwords outside their homes.

Key Points

  • Disney+ Hotstar limits account sharing: Premium users can now log in on 4 devices, down from 10.
  • Following Netflix’s lead, Disney+ Hotstar implements a new policy to curb password sharing.
  • Only 5% of subscribers use more than 4 devices for logins.
  • Disney+ Hotstar considers selling the Indian digital and TV businesses or seeking a joint venture partner.
  • Hotstar remains India’s largest streaming platform with 50 million users; the streaming market in India is set to grow.

While Disney+ Hotstar is taking steps to curb account sharing, it’s important to note that the platform has not yet banned it entirely. The company believes that by limiting password sharing, more users will be inclined to get their own accounts. Currently, only 5% of subscribers use more than 4 devices to log in.

In addition to this policy change, Disney is also exploring the possibility of selling its Indian digital and TV business or seeking a joint venture partner. Hotstar, with a user base of approximately 50 million, holds the top position as India’s largest streaming platform. Data from research firm Media Partners Asia indicates that between January 2022 and March 2023, Disney+ Hotstar captured a dominant audience share of 38%, while competitors Netflix and Prime Video each held a 5% share.

The streaming market in India is on a rapid growth trajectory, with popular platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, Prime Video, and JioCinema gaining immense popularity. By 2027, this market is projected to reach a substantial size of Rs 57,530 crore.

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It’s evident that Disney+ Hotstar is adapting its policies to ensure fair usage of accounts and cater to the growing streaming audience in India. As the industry evolves, it remains crucial for streaming services to strike a balance between user convenience and revenue generation.

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