Green line issue affects OnePlus flagship Smartphone users

OnePlus 11R, the latest flagship smartphone from OnePlus, is facing a distressing screen problem known as the “green line issue.” This problem was previously observed in older OnePlus phone models, but it has now surfaced in the company’s latest flagship device as well.

In response to the green line issue affecting some out-of-warranty phones, OnePlus has announced a free repair policy. However, it appears that this problem is not limited to devices outside of warranty.

Key Points:

  • OnePlus 11R, the latest flagship smartphone from OnePlus, is experiencing a screen issue known as the “green line problem.”
  • The green line issue is not limited to older OnePlus models; it has also affected some OnePlus 11R units.
  • OnePlus has announced a free repair policy for out-of-warranty phones affected by the green line issue.
  • Despite being under warranty and with no physical damage, some OnePlus 11R users have reported being asked to pay for repairs.
  • The service centre has allegedly refused to replace affected OnePlus 11R screens for free, citing reasons like liquid damage or unrelated internal issues.

Several OnePlus 11R units have also been impacted by the green line issue. One user in India reported that their phone’s screen started displaying the green line within just half a month of purchase. Notably, there was no physical damage to the phone; the green line seemed to appear spontaneously due to a hardware-related problem from the company’s side.

The user promptly contacted the service centre, expecting the issue to be covered under warranty. Surprisingly, the after-sales executives informed the user that they would have to pay Rs 15,000 for the repair, despite the phone being under warranty and without any visible damage.

oneplus and other smartphones green line trending issue

The company does offer a free repair policy for out-of-warranty phones experiencing the green line issue. However, in this particular case, the service centre allegedly declined to provide free service to replace the affected OnePlus 11R screen. Instead, they cited excuses such as liquid damage or other internal issues not related to hardware or software.

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