Google puts “Find My Device” on hold after Apple Says No

Google's delayed 'Find My Device' launch & integration with Bluetooth trackers. Stay updated on Android's enhanced safety features
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Google recently made a number of announcements at its I/O 2023 event, one of the most noteworthy being the upcoming launch of the Find My Device (FMD) network. However, despite the excitement among fans, the release of FMD has been delayed, and reports indicate that Apple may have caused the delay.

Apple has its own Find My network, which allows users to track their lost or stolen Apple devices. Apple may be concerned that the Find My Device network will compete with its own network and is, therefore, trying to delay its launch.

Google has not commented on the reason for the delay, but it may be also working to address other issues, such as compatibility with different devices and operating systems.

It is still unclear when the Find My Device network will be launched, but it will likely be sometime soon.

Key Points

  • Google is delaying the launch of its “Find My Device” network.
  • The delay may be due to Apple’s implementation of iOS protection.
  • Find My Device helps users locate and secure their lost Android devices.
  • Google plans to integrate Tile, Pebblebee, and Chipolo Bluetooth trackers.
  • Android’s unknown tracker alerts will be customised to ensure user safety.

Find My Device is a valuable feature that allows users to locate, lock, or erase their lost Android phones and tablets or wear OS watches. Find My Device automatically activates once a Google account is added. Moreover, if users permit Find My Device to encrypt their device’s recent location data, the information becomes accessible to the primary account holder.

Google had previously announced integrating Bluetooth trackers from Tile, Pebblebee, and Chipolo into the FMD network. This integration would help with unknown tracker alerts, notifying users if someone monitors their device without permission. Notably, Google had also confirmed compatibility with Android’s unknown tracker alerts for Bluetooth tags. However, iPhone devices lack this detection capability.

Google Delays Find My Device Launch Due to Apple

The most noteworthy update is that Google will delay the launch of its Find My Device network until Apple implements protection for iOS. This decision is intended to ensure a secure and seamless experience for all users. Additionally, Google assures its fans that the unwanted AirTag tracker alerts, currently released for Android, will be based on a custom implementation, distinct from the forthcoming specifications.

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