Google Play Store rolls out new Bottom Bar for Android users

The Google Play Store, one of the world’s most popular app marketplaces, constantly evolves with regular updates to enhance user experience. Recently, Google has begun testing a minor yet impactful change to the bottom bar of the Play Store.


  • Google is testing a minor change in the Play Store’s bottom bar.
  • The four tabs disappear when opening an app listing, but this will soon change.
  • The new bottom bar will keep the four tabs visible even when accessing app listings.
  • The change will not be persistent and may come in the future.
  • Users can quickly navigate apps and games with this new feature.

When users open an app listing, the four tabs at the bottom of the screen disappear. This can be inconvenient for users who want to quickly switch between different store sections while browsing an app listing.

Google plans to address this issue by keeping the four tabs visible even when accessing an app listing. This will allow users to seamlessly navigate between the “Games,” “Apps,” “Offers,” and “Books” tabs without any interruptions.

Google is testing a new feature in the Play Store that allows users to access various store sections quickly, even when exploring an app listing. This could improve usability and save time.

This change could also affect app discoverability and visibility for app developers. With easier access to different sections, users may find exploring and discovering new apps more convenient, potentially leading to increased exposure for developers’ creations.

Source: 9to5google.

As the testing phase continues, users can watch for any updates and announcements from Google regarding this change. By staying up-to-date with the latest developments, users can be among the first to experience and benefit from the enhanced navigation experience on the Google Play Store.

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