Google Messages brings a special badge for RCS chats

Google Messages is working on an exciting update to make chatting even better. They are testing a new badge highlighting RCS chats, which are more advanced and secure than regular text messages. This update aims to improve the visibility of RCS chats in the main list of conversations.

When this feature is rolled out, you will notice a special icon or badge in the bottom right corner of a contact’s profile picture if RCS is enabled. The badge will even change colours to match your phone’s style. However, it is only available in the beta version of Google Messages, version 20230615_02_RC00.

To find out if a chat is an RCS message or a regular text message, you have to enter the chat itself. But with this new badge, RCS chats will stand out more, showing you the important differences in features compared to regular messages.

Google has been making other improvements to Messages as well. They recently removed the navigation drawer from the app’s home screen and replaced it with the Google logo and Messages branding. They also made it easier to know if your messages have been delivered by showing the status in the conversation list. This saves you the trouble of opening each chat separately to check.

Despite the many advantages of RCS chats over traditional texting, Apple, one of the world’s most successful smartphone companies, has yet to embrace the standard fully. Google has been urging Apple to enable RCS on iMessage, but Apple hasn’t moved.

Overall, Google Messages is continuously working to enhance your messaging experience, and this new badge for RCS chats is just one of the exciting updates they have in store.

Here are some of the benefits of RCS chats:

  • They are more secure than regular text messages because they are encrypted.
  • They support features like reading receipts, typing indicators, and high-resolution photos and videos.
  • They can be used over Wi-Fi, so you can chat even if you don’t have a cellular signal.

RCS is worth checking out if you want a more advanced and secure messaging experience.If you enjoy this article, follow us on Google News, Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter for more exciting updates and informative articles.

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