Google Maps introduces fresh UI design with vibrant colours

Google Maps unveils a revamped user interface for mobile devices that brings fresh colours to enhance your navigation experience. This new design draws comparisons to Apple Maps but adds a unique touch to the Google Maps app. Here are five key highlights of this update for Indian users:

  • Vibrant City Blocks and Streets: The vibrant city blocks and streets are the most noticeable change. Google Maps has replaced the previous grey and white colours with a white and grey scheme, reminiscent of Apple Maps. Additionally, yellow is now used to indicate routes with moderate congestion, offering more clarity on your journey.
  • Refreshing Water and Green Areas: If you live near a water body like a lake, stream, or river, you’ll appreciate the new teal blue shade replacing the lavender-blue colour. Green areas, including forests and brushes, now feature a desaturated emerald green, providing a different visual experience.
  • Updated Brand Colors: Google has chosen to shift away from its traditional bright green elements in favour of the new colour scheme. This change extends to various banners and UI elements, offering a fresh look while departing from the classic Google colours.
  • Sleeker Bottom Bar: The bottom bar in Google Maps has been redesigned to be shorter and more concise. Notably, it no longer incorporates the Material You dynamic theming, resulting in a more streamlined appearance.
  • Web Interface and Dark Mode Unchanged: While the mobile app undergoes these colourful changes, the web interface and dark mode UI remain unaffected, ensuring a consistent experience for users.

It’s worth noting that these changes may not be visible to all users immediately, as Google may be testing them with a limited group or preparing for a phased rollout. Stay tuned for updates as Google continues to refine the Maps experience for Indian users.

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  • Google Maps Old Colors
  • Google Maps New Colors
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