Google cracks down on Malicious and Low-Quality Apps with rules

Google, known for its stringent guidelines, has introduced new measures for apps available on the Play Store. The aim is to ensure that apps presenting inaccurate information are removed from the platform.

As part of the new guidelines, apps will no longer be allowed to use capital letters, special characters, or emojis in their titles. Exceptions will be made if the app’s name inherently includes such characters, like the popular game PUBG. Additionally, Google has set a maximum limit of 30 characters for app titles.

Key Points

  • Google has introduced new guidelines for apps available on the Play Store.
  • Apps with incorrect names, graphics, or misleading information will be removed.
  • App titles are now restricted to a maximum of 30 characters, and capital letters, special characters, and emojis are no longer allowed (except when integral to the app’s name).
  • Developers must provide accurate and transparent information about their app’s functionality, including preview assets like screenshots and trailers.
  • The guidelines will be enforced from the second half of 2021 to enhance user experience and ensure reliability on the Play Store platform. Non-compliant apps will be removed.

Google is cracking down on apps that fail to provide accurate and transparent information about their functionality. Starting in the second half of 2021, apps that do not comply with these new guidelines will be removed from the Play Store.

This initiative is designed to ensure that users can find the apps they need and want with confidence. By requiring developers to provide accurate information about their apps, Google is making it easier for users to make informed decisions about which apps to download.

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The new guidelines include requirements for developers to provide screenshots, trailers, and other preview assets that accurately reflect the app’s functionality. Developers will also be required to provide clear and concise descriptions of their app’s features and benefits.

Google is taking this initiative seriously, and apps that fail to comply will be removed from the Play Store. This is a win for users, who will be able to find more reliable and user-friendly apps on the platform.

Stay tuned for further updates from Google regarding these guidelines, as they continue to prioritise user safety and satisfaction on the Play Store.”

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