Gboard’s Adaptable Layouts for All Screen Sizes

Gboard, the keyboard app we all love, now has an exciting new feature that adapts to screens of all shapes and sizes. Gboard is the default keyboard on many Android phones, and with the wide variety of screen sizes available, it’s more important than ever to have a keyboard that fits perfectly on each screen. Recently, the Samsung Galaxy Fold series saw a new feature called the default split layout. But now, Google is taking things a step further by testing an option that gives you incredible control over the size and position of the keyboard, regardless of your screen size.

Key Highlights

  • Gboard’s Adaptive Layouts: Gboard, the favoured keyboard app, now offers adaptive layouts tailored to various screen sizes.
  • Addressing Screen Diversity: With many Android devices supporting different screen dimensions, adaptable keyboards are more relevant than ever.
  • New “Resize” Feature: A fresh beta version introduces the “Resize” option, granting users precise control over keyboard size and placement.
  • Enhanced User Experience: “Resize” simplifies vertical and horizontal adjustments for optimised comfort and usability.
  • Unique Beta Advantages: This feature stands out with its customizable settings and approach, setting it apart from alternatives like One-handed mode.

Gboard is packed with useful features for resizing and moving the keyboard to suit your comfort. The One-handed mode is designed for easy typing on wider displays using just one thumb. The Floating option lets you place Gboard as a movable window on top of any app you use. In addition to these features, a new option called Resize was discovered by 9to5Google in the latest Gboard beta (v13.2.05).

When you tap on Resize, you’ll be able to adjust the vertical height of the keyboard simply by dragging the edge up or down using the pull handle, much like resizing an image.

This is a big improvement compared to the seven-step height adjustment found in Gboard settings → Preferences → Keyboard height. But that’s not all – you can also change the width similarly. This means Gboard can stretch across the entire width of your screen or take up just a third of it.

You can even set the lowest point of the keyboard, making it easier to reach the spacebar row comfortably.

gboard app news thumbnail

After adjusting the size, hit the checkmark to confirm or reset Gboard to its regular size. This feature offers granular size adjustment and no keyboard location controls. It’s a beta feature and may change before release.

In conclusion, Gboard’s new Resize feature brings the power of customization to your fingertips, letting you tailor your keyboard experience to your screen size and preferences. While still in beta, this feature promises an exciting update for Gboard users who value flexibility and personalization.

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