Asus Zenfones: End of an Era? Reports Point to Potential Exit

Asus might be bidding farewell to its Zenfone series in a potential shift, following LG and HTC’s footsteps in leaving the smartphone arena. Reports suggest that Asus has let go of its entire Zenfone team, possibly marking the end of compact flagship smartphones from the brand.

  • Asus’s Zenfone Series Under Scrutiny: Speculation arises that Asus might exit the Zenfone market, joining LG and HTC in leaving the smartphone realm.
  • Zenfone Team Layoffs: Reports suggest Asus has let go of its entire Zenfone team, indicating the potential end of flagship compact smartphones from the brand.
  • ROG Gaming Phone’s Survival: While Zenfone faces uncertainty, Asus’ ROG gaming phone team survives the reorganization, promising potential future releases.
  • Zenfone’s Underwhelming Sales: Despite its compact design and flagship features, the Zenfone series struggled to achieve significant sales, contributing to the division’s potential shutdown.
  • Internal Restructuring: Asus dismantles its Zenfone division as part of an internal reorganization, reallocating employees working on upcoming devices to other segments within the company.

While Asus’ ROG gaming phone team survives this reorganization, the Zenfone series could face closure due to underwhelming sales. Despite being praised for their compact dimensions and flagship features, Zenfone devices never gained significant traction in the market.

Technews Taiwan reveals that Asus has dismantled its Zenfone division as part of an internal overhaul. The personnel behind upcoming devices have been merged into other sections, spelling the end for future Zenfone releases.

On a positive note, fans of Asus’ ROG gaming phones can breathe a sigh of relief. The ROG Phone 8 and potentially more devices could continue to emerge from this division.

asus zenfone quits the smartphones market

Interestingly, this development comes shortly after Asus withdrew its Zenfone bootloader unlock tool without prior notice. The company later clarified the situation, stating that the tool’s return was imminent.

For those seeking compact Android phones, the options have dwindled further. Apart from Samsung, few Android manufacturers focus on high-spec compact phones. Google might just shake things up with its rumored Pixel 8 featuring a smaller 6.1-inch display. Stay tuned for further updates.

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