Abhishek’s Bigg Boss 17 return: What triggered Insaan revealed?

Hey there, folks! Some big news is making waves in the world of Bigg Boss! Remember Abhishek, the runner-up from Bigg Boss 16 OTT on Jio Cinema? Well, there’s chatter about him making a comeback for Bigg Boss 17! Hold onto your seats, because things are getting interesting.

So, there’s this tweet from Abhishek’s buddy Nishchay Malhan that got everyone talking. He said, “I will go to Bigg Boss 17.” Now, we don’t know for sure if he’ll be part of the show, but this tweet has got fans buzzing with excitement and curiosity.

Abhishek hasn’t spilled the beans yet – he’s keeping us all guessing. This secrecy is adding to the suspense and making us all wonder if he’s really going to be in Bigg Boss 17.

Social media is exploding with reactions! Fans can’t decide if they’re thrilled or not. They’re using #Abhisha to show their love for Abhishek and his friendship with Manisha from the last season. But not everyone is on the same page.

Some folks, like @biya_biya250517, are saying Abhishek should skip this one, especially if his friend Manisha isn’t joining. Others, like @Fukra_lnsaan, are all in for his return. They’re saying, “Full Support Rahega Bhai!” And @Mohamma39564961 is pretty confident, saying, “Let him go, and we’ll win BB 17!”

Now, some fans are worried. They’re concerned about how the show might affect Abhishek’s image and feelings. @nikifying2 said, “They always make him feel bad on TV; it hurts.” @anu_p2207 thinks he’s great for Bigg Boss, but the way they treated him before isn’t cool – he shouldn’t go through that again.

A fan, @Tweety_Smile, is glad Abhishek might not join. They’re thanking him for being a good friend and saying, “We’re happy you’re not going.” People are really feeling that brotherhood!

@doraworld19 is being practical, saying Abhishek should focus on building a real and bigger audience, not just a short-lived one. @TriggeredInsaan agrees, saying Bigg Boss isn’t the only way to succeed.

Source: Twitter of triggered insaan.

triggered insaan with abhishek malhan thumbnail

So, we’re all waiting for more news. Bigg Boss 17 is coming, and fans are on the edge of their seats. No matter what happens, it’s clear that Abhishek has a special place in everyone’s hearts. Whether he’s in the Bigg Boss house or on YouTube, we’re all cheering him on!

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