How to Share Entire Folders with Nearby Share on Android

Google’s Nearby Share feature has made sharing files on Android devices a breeze, and now it gets even better. The Files by Google app, a popular file manager on stock Android and other smartphone brands, has integrated Nearby Share support to share entire folders without losing structure.

Key Points

  • Nearby Share on Android now supports sharing entire folders via the Files by Google app.
  • The folder structure is preserved during the sharing process, ensuring user convenience.
  • Initiating the transfer is easy – long-press the desired folder and tap the Nearby Share icon.
  • Transfer can occur between Android devices, Chromebooks, and Windows PCs.
  • Google continues to enhance Nearby Share’s capabilities, with further improvements expected.

Nearby Share has become a mature Android feature, and you can access it conveniently through a dedicated tab within the Files app. Recently, it has even been extended to Windows machines. Thanks to Android feature spotter Mishaal Rahman, we know you can share entire folders using Nearby Share from the Files app.

How to Share Folder with Nearby Share

  1. Enable Nearby Share on both devices.
  2. Open the Files app.
  3. Locate the folder you want to share.
  4. Long-press the folder.
  5. Tap the Nearby Share icon.
  6. Select the recipient device.
  7. Confirm the transfer on the recipient’s device.
  8. Wait for the transfer to complete.

The process is simple: long-press the folder you want to share and tap the Nearby Share icon in the upper right corner. You can initiate the transfer from any Android device and receive the folder on other Android devices, Chromebooks, or Windows PCs.

It’s important to note that this folder-sharing capability may be familiar. Some sources suggest it might have been spotted as early as May this year. However, it appears limited to Google’s Files app, as attempts to do the same in Samsung’s built-in file manager yielded different results.

For users who encounter limitations in sharing folders directly, there’s a workaround. You can compress the folder into a single zipped file, use Nearby Share for the transfer, and then extract the zipped folder on the receiving device. But, if the ability to share folders directly becomes more widespread, it would make Nearby Share even more versatile and user-friendly.

Google is actively expanding the capabilities of Nearby Share, and support for folder sharing will likely see further improvements. With this enhanced feature, sharing content between Android devices has become more efficient and convenient, making Nearby Share an even more valuable tool for users.

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