How to Send WhatsApp Video Messages on Android and iOS

WhatsApp, a popular messaging application owned by Meta, constantly improves user experience by adding new features and updates. One exciting new addition is the Instant Video Message feature, which is currently being rolled out to users and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

Key Points

  • WhatsApp introduces the “Instant Video Message” feature, enhancing communication by allowing users to send short personal videos directly within chats.
  • Video messages can be up to 60 seconds long and offer an expressive way to reply to chats, making it easy to share feelings, memories, and celebrations with friends.
  • The feature ensures user privacy and security through end-to-end encryption, providing peace of mind when sharing personal video content.
  • Sending a video message is simple; users can switch to video mode, hold to record, and release to send the video instantly. Hands-free recording is also possible by swiping up to lock.
  • Videos in chats play on mute, but users can unmute them by tapping the video to hear the contents, adding to the interactive and engaging messaging experience on WhatsApp.

The Instant Video Message feature allows users to send short personal videos directly within the chat section, revolutionising communication. This feature lets you reply to chats with expressive video messages, more engagingly conveying your thoughts and emotions. You can record video messages up to 60 seconds in length and instantly share them with your friends.

Real-time enjoyment comes from sharing precious moments, such as wishing someone a happy birthday, reminiscing about old memories, or simply expressing yourself with a heartfelt message. WhatsApp ensures the security and privacy of your video messages through end-to-end encryption, keeping your content safe and secure.


Sending a video message is incredibly simple. Just switch to video mode by tapping the designated button, hold it to record your video, and release it to send it instantly. Swipe up to lock for hands-free recording, and the video will automatically start recording. In chat, videos will play on mute until you tap on a specific video to unmute the sound and listen to its contents.

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