How to Schedule Messages by Google on Android

In a country where “Indian Standard Time” is practically a lifestyle choice, scheduling messages could be the one superpower we all secretly yearn for. But fear not, fellow desi texters, because the Google Messages app has got your back! Let’s unravel the mysteries of scheduling messages while sprinkling a generous helping of Indian humour along the way.

Why Schedule Messages?

Picture this: you’re trying to wish your friend “Happy Birthday” at the exact stroke of midnight, but you’re either busy hunting for network bars or still deciding on the perfect GIF. Scheduled messages save the day, ensuring your timely wishes land perfectly in their inbox, even if you’re still wrestling with your Wi-Fi signal.

Overview of Google Messages App

If Bollywood made a messaging app, it would probably look like Google Messages – vibrant, dynamic, and occasionally dramatic. With features designed to make communication a breeze, this app is your new wingman for all things text-related.

Step-by-Step Guide: Scheduling Messages Using Google Messages App

Step 1: Before diving into the world of scheduled messages, ensure your Google Messages app is as up-to-date as your aunt’s chai recipe.

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Step 2: Unlock your phone and find the Google Messages app, as you would hunt for the last piece of dessert at a family gathering.

Step 3: Choose a lucky recipient from your contact list, or if you’re feeling adventurous, type in the number like you’re participating in a high-stakes typing competition.

Step 4: Pen down your masterpiece message, with the same dedication you’d put into explaining cricket rules to a foreigner.

Step 5: Long-press the send button, and voilà! You’re now in the world of scheduled messaging, where punctuality meets procrastination.

Step 6: Pick the date and time when you want your message to embark on its digital journey. It’s like booking a ticket for your message to travel through time zones, without needing a visa.

Step 7: Give your message one final glance. It’s like that last mirror check before entering a crowded wedding hall – you want to make sure you’re sending your best!

Step 8: Time to press that send button and watch your scheduled message take flight, like an SRK fan watching a movie release.

Step 9: For all your scheduled messaging escapades, head to the “Scheduled” tab in the app. You can edit, delete, and organise your messages here – it’s like having a personal assistant, minus the chai runs.

Tips for Effective Message Scheduling

  • Scheduling messages across time zones: Remember, just like Indian trains, messages too have to adhere to different time zones. Be the responsible captain of your messaging journey.
  • Being mindful of recipient preferences: Sending a “Good morning” message at midnight is the digital equivalent of waking up to your neighbor’s rooster at dawn – annoying for them, amusing for you.
  • Double-checking scheduled messages: Before you lock in that message, ensure it’s as perfect as your mom’s paneer tikka. Spelling mistakes are your messaging kryptonite.

Benefits of Using Scheduled Messages

Scheduled messages aren’t just about convenience but about upping your desi game. Whether remembering anniversaries or sending festival wishes at the crack of dawn, these messages have your back, so you can focus on more important things, like choosing the perfect filter for your Instagram post.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

  • What to do if a scheduled message fails to send: Before blaming the network, check your internet connection and ensure you didn’t mistake your cousin’s phone number.
  • Can you edit a scheduled message after it’s been set?: Sadly, no. Much like your mom’s stern warnings, scheduled messages can’t be edited once they’re out there. Delete and retry – that’s the desi way.
  • How to cancel or delete a scheduled message: Head to the “Scheduled” tab, locate the message you want to ditch, and tap the delete button. It’s like giving your unwanted messages a one-way ticket to oblivion.
SRK talking on phone


So there you have it, folks – the magic of scheduling messages with a sprinkle of Indian humour! With the Google Messages app, you’re armed and ready to conquer the world of punctual and perfectly timed messages. Embrace this feature, stay connected effortlessly, and remember, while “Indian Standard Time” might still be a thing, your messages don’t have to adhere to it. Happy texting, and may your messages be as delightful as a freshly made samosa!

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